13 thoughts on “President Trump Prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem 5/22/17

  1. Smootch, smootch, smootch! Yes, that joo ass tastes sooooo good! Wail, wail, wail.

    “Good boy, good boy Donald.” “Sit, sit, now stay!” Good boy, you want a treat?

    Did you see him reach into the wall and grab something? The Donald thought to himself “What’s a dog turd doing in here?”

    1. All that glitters is not gold………. he was reaching for the 100 dollar bill when it turned into a turd!

  2. “President Trump becomes the first sitting US president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem.”

    First sitting US president? What about Barry, Clinton and the Bushs’? You’re telling me they never touched the wall and kissed Bennie’s ring? BULLSHIT!

  3. Trump doesn’t give a crud about God nor Christ, he is ALL showman and puppet.

    It’s Christ NOT Judean or gentile.

  4. That’s right, Donald, plant your lips on Satanyahu’s buttcheek. Be sure to smile when you do it, too. Why should you be any different from any other US president?

  5. “Please lord Satan….make my wallet great again.
    And build a wall around my wallet.
    And make sure all the people I’ve conned and cheated don’t realize I’m really a scumbag.”

  6. I see he’s wearing that DESPICABLE yarmulke.

    The skullcap… signifying their murder of Christ on Skull Hill.

    They’ve been murderers from the beginning.

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