A Salute To Diggerdan

It is now three years since our brother, Diggerdan, left us for what has to be a better place.  The passage of time is mind-blowing as the present is devoured and put into the past.

There are often subjects that arise in the Trenches that make me wonder what Dan’s comment would have been.  Dan was a unique man and stood out among his contemporaries.

I hope Dan is faring well wherever his spirit lies and look forward to our conversation when I see him again on the other side.  Dan’s death was unexpected and there are a lot of questions I would have liked to have asked him.  

Today when all the work is done I will raise a glass in salute of my brother, Diggerdan, and all you Trenchers are welcome to join me.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free nationals of the united States of the Americas shall prevail.

Millard says goodbye to his good friend Dan Deline.

22 thoughts on “A Salute To Diggerdan

  1. RIP Digger, I came on the trenches about 3 months before Dan pasted, I did like listening to him.

  2. Diggerdan sounds like a pretty intriguing guy.
    I’m sorry I never got to talk to him.
    R.I.P. Dan Deline.

  3. thanks much for sharing this…… so wish I had known him….got my glass right here Henry

  4. I guess a litle salt in my morning coffee ain’t so bad? That really was beautiful. Well done, Millard and Henry. I can’t believe it’s been 3 yrs as it seems like yesterday.

    RIP Diggerdan

  5. It’ hard to believe it’s been 3 years that Dan’s been gone. I think of him often and miss his knowledge of the “old ways”. He always had a different way of doing things, not always conventional, but he usually accomplished his goal.

    He’d be out transplanting his seedlings to some prime spots, always wearing that shit-eatin’ grin. 😆

    I sure do miss him, he was one of a kind.

  6. Dan always had great comments. I’ll never forget his “affections” for the police. I hope you’re enjoying all that the afterlife has to offer Dan!

  7. I never heard this man speak, but I’ve heard of him. I watched this video and what impressed me about him was that he was respected and loved. Obviously he touched many lives. There is a saying which I can’t remember now. But, it kind of goes like this. When it comes to measuring the worth of a man’s life, it’s measured by those who he/she influenced/touched. ie. how many people loved him.
    Of all the men, woman and children who like the American Indian Warriors who decided to defend themselves their family, their way of life etc. The ultimate were the dog soldiers. This is this ultimate “drawing a line in the sand” scenario. This wasn’t just a “just say no” situation. This was a situation where someone said, OK, I’m done with your shenanigans. Let’s finish this. Oh how I wish this attitude was alive today. They were saying,
    You’ve been steeling, robbing, murdering us, and I have no other choice than to confront your actions. So here I am. I suspect that Digger Dan was this kind of man. I along with you send Dan my prayer of peace to him. May our Creator keep make us all victorious, safe, and in His Peace.

  8. Millard, I just finished re-watching this. Dan was always lucky to have a friend like you. Great memorial service, brother. I’m glad I was a part of his life.

  9. Digger was one-of-a-kind. He always spoke his mind, and didn’t care if you liked it or not. I guess that’s why we got along so well, we were on the same page with that one.
    He was a real talker, too. I don’t think we ever had a conversation of less than an hour… as long as two a couple of times.

    Digger took a liking to me right off, and always had my back afterwards. So much so, in fact, that woe to anyone who posted a nasty reply to any of my comments… digger would tear ’em a new one as soon as he saw it (I literally used to cringe when I’d come across one he hadn’t spotted yet… not for myself, but for the idiot poster, I KNEW what was coming!). He definitely had a way with words… and spared no one. I could relate well to that.

    Digger was one helluva guy, and we were great friends for the 2 short years I knew him. I still miss him, there is no other like the digger. RIP Dan.

  10. It looks he’s touched a many heart
    I did not know this man
    Knowing the pain when loved ones part
    I SALUTE YOU Diggerdan

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