0 thoughts on “Private Prisons – Huge Profits for Punishment even in an Economic Collapse

  1. The Satanic Psychopaths are professional pirates and thieves. Stealing your money, whether through the private issuing of your currency, or through government confiscation, is what they are good at. In response to the numerous requests for a description of how I see things playing out, I submit the following:

    1. First comes the silver and gold COMEX price suppression. In spite-of diminishing inventories in both metals, futures contracts and put options will continue to be manufactured against the markets. The goal is to keep the sheeple away from anything with real value during the plundering process. This will create a very real shortage of silver and gold as smart investors buy the metals at a deep discount.

    2. The Stock Market Crash comes first. Trillions of wealth will transfer hands as shorts against the S&P and other Indexes will continue to escalate. Insurance companies, banks, Mutual Funds, ETFs and other institutional investors will dump their holdings on command. Stock prices will go down, while Index Options capture all of the transferred wealth.

    3. Near the end of the market collapse the Federal Reserve will begin a series of interest rate hikes to trash all existing debt with a fixed interest rate. This will decimate the bond market. By the way, you can also buy Short Options against bonds and Call Options on Interest rates. More wealth transferred from the poor suckers that actually trust these people!

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