3 thoughts on “Promises

  1. Good cartoon, although the anti-gun crowd would argue that guns wouldn’t be sufficient to resist the government today. I don’t agree with that assessment yet, but eventually we WILL get to the point where technological advancements will render our firearms useless against government forces. This may happen in 20 years, or it might happen next year. The only thing we can know for certain is that freedom is running out of time.

    1. I dont agree with that assessment either , and my reasoning is , if it were , they wouldn’t be going so hard at getting all our guns away

      obviously guns in the hands of millions of private citizens is just enough to hold them off from going whole hog on the removal of ALL our rights

      without the 2nd amendment ,, all the others would fall in an instant

    2. That will never be the case, ever. Muskets became useless against bolt actions so rather than surrender everyone just upgraded to rifles. Then came AR’s and AKs so everyone upgraded again, if tomorrow they roll out photon rifles and plasma guns well… Upgrade again.

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