PROOF the AMERICAN “CIVIL WAR” was not about Slavery

Published on Jul 24, 2015 by Tom Ray

An Excerpt from Pastor John Weavers CD “THE TRUTH CONCERNING THECONFEDRATE BATTLE FLAG”—–Secession and the WAR were two different events But folks tend to often confuse the two . Here Rev. Weaver presents verifiable proof that the “Civil War” was not a fight over Slavery.–

The North Invaded the South over monetary matters and the Souh fought to defend it’s homeland—Slavery was NOT an issue in the war–and Rev. Weaver can back it up

10 thoughts on “PROOF the AMERICAN “CIVIL WAR” was not about Slavery

  1. Lincoln wrote a letter to the Czar of Russia requesting the use of his navy (the most powerful in the world at that time). In it, he promised to free the slaves (the Czar had just freed all the serfs in Russia) if his request was granted.

    That occurred close to the END of the war. Slavery was not a major issue before that.

    The usual lies & propaganda written in the (so-called) ‘history’ books.

    1. Russia sent their Navy to block JewYork and San Francisco (I think) to counter the French from supplying guns (etc) to the South.
      At least that’s how I remember the story… it’s not always easy to find and/or remember history lessons not included in the “educational” curriculum.

      I take it rather seriously and personally, as my ancestor died in 1864 at age 29. I don’t care to publish more details than that at this time. It’s very upsetting.

      1. There are photos of the Russian ships in New York harbor (taken by Brady).

        I have a dvd by Ralph Epperson (revisionist historian) titled ‘Secret Societies and the New World Order’. He shows the Brady photos in it, and reveals much of the TRUE history behind the Civil War. Did you know that wasn’t even JWB that was killed at that farm? He belonged to the Knights of the Golden Circle. Rothschild funded, no doubt.

        Whole lotta bullsh#t in the so-called ‘history’ books these days.

  2. Don’t you go telling the truth now! People who seek to take advantage from the lies won’t have it! I also read somewhere that Lincoln never intended for the slaves to remain on American soil. Once freed, they were to be sent back to Africa. Can anyone point me towards the reference on this?

    1. I don’t know about commie Lincoln’s plans for removing slaves. I did hear that back in the day Jefferson suggested rounding them all up and putting them on an island someplace. He seemed to think that they couldn’t be re-introduced back into African tribal society.
      That’s what I heard anyway. Can’t always believe everything you hear, though.

  3. ABRAHAM “LINCOLN” WAS ABRAHAM SPRINGSTEIN………..DID THAT HELP????????????????????????/////

    1. “Four score and seven years ago…….It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap…we gotta get out while we’re young…cause tramps like us, baby we we’re born to ruuuuuuuuunnnnnn!”

  4. Ironic that Lincoln caused the deaths of so many citizens, and then BANG he got his. Wonder what the last thought was that when through his head> lol

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