Propagandists Pull Out All Stops in Attempting to Derail Ron Paul Campaign

MSNBC aired a hit piece on Ron Paul yesterday on Weekends with Alex Witt.  If you watched the debate on Saturday night, you already know Ron Paul did quite well.  The fact is it has become evident that the mainstream propagandists are not going to be able to stop Ron Paul.  Witt was joined in her effort to slander Dr. Paul by Jackie Kucinich, Karen Finney, and Robert Traynham.

Witt began by asking Kucinich to interpret Mitt Romney’s and Rick Perry’s compliments to Dr. Paul’s campaign.  To which Kucinich replied, “Paul has a lot of loyal supporters, that’s why he’s staying about the same place in the polls.”

This is misinformation.  Paul is staying about the same in the polls because the polls are a lie.  And the best lie the propagandists think they can get away with is Paul with 10% of the vote in Iowa.

Witt then went on to make the statement that Washington Post’s Dan Balz says, “Ron Paul isn’t necessarily running to win, he’s running to make a point.”  To which Traynham said, “He’s absolutely right,” and then went on to compare Ron Paul to George McGovern in 1968, Harry Goldwater in 1984, and Jesse Jackson in 1988.  Traynham further said, “It’s not about winning an election for them, but winning the argument for the long haul.”

So who exactly is Dan Balz?  Well, he is political analyst for the Washington Post and has been a White House correspondent and was recently honored by that elitist group.  Oh yes, and he also makes frequent appearances on Meet the Press.

This MSNBC live report was nothing more than a continuance of the defamation of Dr. Paul’s character which was begun Sunday morning on Meet the Press.  The MSNBC sham went on to parrot the disinformation put forth in the Meet the Press hit piece in trying to indicate that Dr. Paul’s presidential run will be reduced to a very important endorsement for either the elitist sleaze bag Mitt Romney or the criminal monster, Dick Cheney wannabe, Newt Gingrich.

The FCC is supposed to regulate these so called news agencies, but as the agents therein are bought and paid for by the same corporate elitists who own the news agencies, MSNBC and the rest of the propagandists are allowed to come on the air in the guise of reporting the news and attempt to influence political outcomes.

Dr. Paul has made it clear.  He intends to be the next president of these United States and we, the American people of the American race, have made it clear that we intend the same.

These hit pieces only show the desperation of the international corporate mafia.  They know their days are numbered and are showing themselves to be nothing short of desperate fools.  We will reinstate our Republic under our Constitution and every traitor, including those in the propaganda machine, is going to be prosecuted for his or her crimes.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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