Protesters Blatantly Murdered by Israeli Government

On March 19th American war planes attacked the sovereign country of Libya.  This act was a violation of international and United States law.  The people of the United States were told that the act was necessary in order to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians.  All through the Middle East and Northern Africa innocent civilians are being shot every day and these actions are being condemned as the crimes against humanity they represent.

However, last Friday when unarmed protesters from Syria crossed an imaginary line on its border with Israel they were shot down in cold blood.  For two days the outrage went without explanation except to say that the protesters had provoked the Israelis.  The protesters were simply walking onto land that had been taken from them by the invading Israelis.

There was no justification and as outrage began to spread around the world, all of the sudden on Monday the Israelis announced that the reason they shot the protesters down in cold blood was that they were throwing Molotov cocktails and detonating mines.  I take this to mean that the Israelis have placed land mines on the border and shot the protesters in retaliation for their stepping on them.

Is there any outrage the Israelis cannot get away with?  They have pinned the Palestinians up in Gaza making it the world’s largest concentration camp, wherein they routinely cut off food and water to punish the people there for acts that occur in other areas; sometimes in other countries.  And if the Israelis get really mad at any Arab, they drop cluster bombs on the civilians trapped in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Prime Minister has come to the United States most recently in an attempt to procure a promise of our children’s blood to conquer Israel’s enemy, Iran, who they say represents a threat because of their development of nuclear technology.

The fact is the Israelis built their own nuclear arsenal in secret and in violation of non-proliferation and numerous UN sanctions against them that were never enforced because their lapdogs in the United States government protected them in the United Nations.

One day, if we are not destroyed before then, we the American people are going to see just how we have been used by the Israelis.  And we are going to understand why the rest of the people in the Middle East and Northern Africa hate us and would like to see us dead.  We are like the big bully in school that the pencil neck little rich kid is paying to enforce his will.  And then one day the bully moves away and the snotty little rich kid is left to fend for himself against all those he has forced his will upon for too long of a time.

I tell you I am thoroughly disgusted to know now without a question that the Israelis can murder in broad daylight without consequence because their crimes are enforced by my country in my name.  I want to see the results from the national referendum where the people of my country voted that we would support the religious state of Israel in contradiction to our long established  good will towards others and insistence upon basic morality.

How long are we going to allow political correctness to close our eyes to theft and murder?

God forgive us for our inadequacies.

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  1. Israeli Zionist terror is allowed to continue without condemnation and the same alleged terror committed by the Libyan Government to its own people is treated with carpet bombing the hell out of the place….unbelievable hypocrisy…more unbelievable people buy it and don’t even raise an eyebrow….America is a slave for the Zionist terrorist nation of Israel

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