99ers and HR 589 Supporters – What If

The very same economists who were hyping the lie of a recovery are now saying that the unemployment rate is going to stay about the same at 9% through 2012.  99ers, bear in mind that as hundreds of thousands more join our ranks they will cease to be counted.  This is one aspect of long term unemployment that continues to be buried along with the 99ers it represents.

New polls are showing that 80% of Americans are angry at “Business as usual” in Washington DC.  Well, duh.  The fact is the unemployment rate has been at 9% or higher 23 out of the past 25 months and with the renewed foreclosures causing home prices to plummet again, even those still employed can see the writing on the wall.

I do not think that the big story is that 80% of Americans are angry, but rather that it is being reported in the mainstream.

The fact is, though they will not address the 99ers as the tragedy we represent, they are now admitting that those jobless for 27 weeks or more make up 45% of the unemployed.  Once again note, 8 million 99ers are not being figured into the equation.

Now you see the talking heads on FOX News saying with a note of distaste and disbelief that there might be civil unrest as a result of the deepening depression, which they continue to minimize by trying to portray it as a “renewed slowdown.”

Here is a message for the corporate mouthpieces masquerading as journalists in the mainstream.  You better believe we are pissed.  Forget about the outward appearances reflected in your polls of those who still have something left.  There are millions of us out here who hate your individual guts for what you have done in belittling the tragedies our lives have become.  We are educated.  We know where our wealth went and we know you serve those who stole it.

When we recapture our nation, the propagandists who served to prolong our misery are going to be brought to account.  I want each and every one of you to take a moment and try to imagine what was going through the minds of the good Nazis of not only the Nazi propaganda machine, but all of the little Nazi organizations that existed in World War II era Germany.  Think of how they must have felt as the Russians and Americans captured town after town and in the process treated them like a dog shouldn’t be treated.

Even their own people, who blamed them for the destruction of Germany, detested them and wanted to cause them harm.  This is the position you are going to find yourselves in when the people finally rise up.  If you think we are just going to understand your treachery, think again.

Had you been out on the streets as real journalists you would have seen the pain and suffering your efforts at hiding the truth have caused.  You refused to report the truth about the 99ers; that we are people that have worked all our lives and had everything stolen from us.  You sit in your secured buildings and call us lazy and worthless and suggest that we should be made field hands and forced to pay your share of the taxes.

Yes, you had better think long and hard about what if.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Civil unrest should have taken place a long, long time ago. The people I encounter have had their lives gutted and act as if this is just the way things are and we have no choice or voice in the matter. I have seen smarter fenceposts. What is the problem? They remain in a stupor….

  2. The May BLS jobs report was discouraging for millions still seeking a job in a weak jobs market. Only 54,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate increased to 9.1%. About 125,000 jobs need to be created each month to absorb new entrants into the workforce. With that in mind, 71,000 more jobs needed to be created just to break even for the month. Recall that McDonald’s hired 62,000 in May . If not for McDonald’s hiring binge, would there have been a net job loss instead of a jobs gain in May?
    The underemployment rate did improve slightly to 15.8% from 15.9%. Underemployment is when someone wants a full-time job but is working fewer than 34 hours a week.
    Those seeking full-time work found the job market less friendly than those seeking part-time positions. The unemployment rate for those seeking full-time employment rose to 9.7%, while the unemployment rate for those seeking part-time positions fell to 6.3%. The quoted unemployment rate of 9.1% is a combination of those looking for full-time and part-time work. Working 34 or more hours a week is considered full-time employment.
    Working part-time is often a struggle for those who want full-time work. ML from IL is an intelligent, B.A. educated professional researcher, paralegal, proofreader/copy editor and a national manager of customer relations. “I was unemployed for two years. I am now underemployed, working part time but continuing to look for full-time work, and earning 55% less than before. While I’m grateful to even be working, I struggle to financially survive every day. I wasn’t at all sure that I’d get to be at my daughter’s college graduation and wedding because I couldn’t afford the travel expenses without family help.”
    ML’s financial struggles include keeping a roof over her head, “I’ve faced eviction twice during the past couple of years, but I am still able to pay rent, barely. It isn’t okay to live this way. I want to thrive, not just survive, but I need full-time, reliable work for that to happen.”
    While the employment report was disappointing on many levels, it was particularly abysmal for the long-term unemployed. The number of workers unemployed for 99 weeks or more increased 14,000 to 1,934,000. Those out of work for more than 27 weeks increased by 361,000 to 6,200,000; 45.1% of all unemployed have been out of work 27 weeks or more, which is near a record level.
    Navy veteran, software consultant, and licensed realtor Virgil Bierschwale of Harper, TX, has been working on and off for the past ten years. This isn’t because of a lack of effort, but because of various economic conditions ranging from the bursting of the tech bubble to the crash of the housing market. State and federal budget cuts suddenly ended some of Virgil’s software consultation projects. His search for full-time work wasn’t a lackadaisical effort, since he would “Apply for software jobs daily with no interviews.” Has he become discouraged about finding a job? “Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that I have, but I now realize I will no longer find work doing what I successfully did for so many years.
    Virgil is the website designer and author of Keep America At Work where, in his spare time, he writes about the loss of American jobs and how to keep more jobs in America.
    Virgil’s income has fallen from a high of more than $100,000 in 2003 to less than $20,000 today. His wants are simple; a full-time job and a place to call home, “I currently live in an old shack on one acre of land that I can buy for $70,000. This would be my first priority because it is way past time that I set down some roots and I’ve got everything that I need and want here which isn’t much these days.”
    The participation rate — those employed or looking for work — remained at a historically low 64.2%, which signals a weak job market.
    Another dubious record is that now it takes longer to find a job, 39.7 weeks, than at any time since data collection began in 1948.
    “I have never stopped looking for a job through all my health issues, but I did slow the search down a bit after each surgery,” said Alexandra Jarrin who has been battling homelessness, long-term unemployment and health issues for more than two years. She has exhausted all available unemployment benefits and she constantly lives on the edge of being homeless.
    Alexandra has been profiled previously about her work to bring 99er stories to Sen. Bernie Sanders. (99ers are the unemployed who have exhausted all unemployment benefits, which in some cases is up to 99 weeks.) Yet through all her hardships,Alexandra’s job search has remained constant, “I have continued my work search faithfully.”
    As is the case with many long-term unemployed, Alexandra’s job search has encountered numerous obstacles. “A few places that seemed interested were no longer interested when they asked for my salary history.” She’s willing to work for substantially less than she has made in the past, but that presents its own challenges, “Once they see I have made a considerable amount of money in the past they are no longer interested. One company wouldn’t set up an interview until I gave them my past salaries and told them how much I wanted to earn. That puts you in a difficult position because you don’t know how they will perceive what you are asking for if it is so much less than you have earned previously. One person asked why I would be looking for a job in fast food when I held a substantial position in a corporation.”
    Whether salary concessions, career changes or the need to update software skills, interacting with potential employers often seems hopeless to the long-term unemployed, including Alexandra,”There’s just no good way to appease them.”
    What are Congress and the president doing to address a stagnant and possibly deteriorating jobs market? Nothing this year. The GOP controlled House has been directing their energies toward the debt ceiling debate, defunding Obamacare, eliminating Medicare for those 55 and younger, and abortion restrictions. President Obama touts the successes of corporate bailouts, the need to increase the debt ceiling and explaining the role of the US military in Libya.
    Yet beyond the poor economy in general what are Americans most concerned about? Is it the deficit? No. Is it fuel prices? No. Is it taxes? No. Unemployment and jobs are the most important issue by an almost two-to-one margin.
    The jobs issue has received limited attention in the House, but no legislative action that would help improve the plight of the long-term unemployed. The House Ways and Means Committee has conducted hearings on “How Business Tax Reform Can Encourage Job Creation”, “How Other Countries Have Used Tax Reform to Help Their Companies Compete in the Global Market and Create Jobs”, and the ill-fated H.R. 1745, “Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits, and Services Act of 2011”, which included the option for states to cut the duration of unemployment benefits. While these business tax hearings may have some long-term value, they won’t create a single job in the short term.
    The economy has improved for some; American companies are reaping record profits, Wall Street players are snagging outsize bonuses and compensation, and government continues its bailout policies of failed institutions. The economic picture is not improving for the long-term jobless. Congress is again in recess, so any action on the jobs crises will have to wait.
    Long-term unemployment will worsen and wreck the lives of millions more unless Congress, the president and the private sector take immediate steps that lead to the creation of good jobs. ML in IL stated, “It isn’t okay to live this way.” That also applies to Virgil in TX, to Alexandra in VT and to America as a whole.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com More Long-term Unemployed, More 99ers, More Despair, but Less Action on Jobs – Rochester Unemployment | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/unemployment-in-rochester/more-long-term-unemployed-more-99ers-more-despair-but-less-action-on-jobs#ixzz1OcVkea5M

  3. I have a take on what is bringing this out in the msm with regard to this so called revelation that the job forecast along with the so called economic recovery may be headed for a flush down the toilet and that more and more Americans are angry at the business as usual playing out on the hill. For one, the weak economic data that was released last week can not be ignored any longer. Week over week for this past 2 months new filings for unemployment have been topping over the 400,00 range. This along with the rest of the weak data paints a pretty stark picture of where the economy trully is, something we have known all along since we live in the real world. Some are trying to spin it into a connection with Japans misfortune, bad weather, and that it is transitory and will pass. More and more of these so called economists are becoming unconvinced of this and they are right to do so. Bad weather and natural disasters are nothing new. Stable economies have always been able to weather such events.

    I believe the msm has an agenda just as they always have and always will. Yet that agenda has never been to serve the people in good faith by reporting in particular the true depth of this crisis on a human level, or the negative temperment of the people towards the political process. This time I believe it is no different. It’s about what it has always been about. The money. The corporate media are a powerful institution. The corporate media are beneficiaries of Wall Street. If the market is doing well, corporate share holders do well as does the corporation. Corporate advertising spells profit for the media. Yet in terms of the fundamentals, the market is not on a sound foundation. It has been distorted by the Feds intervention of monetary accomodation and it has driven up the price of equities and commodities by this artificial infusion resulting in the hidden tax of inflation. The white shoe boys have been gambling for the past two years with free money provided by helicopter Ben. Take it away, and it becomes questionable whether or not the market can sustain itself based on sound economic principals. The truth is, and they all know it, it can’t. The odds of winning at the casino are fading. The deal is that the Fed is ending its accomodation by the end of the month and it has not announced any further accomodation, so far anyway. They may do some roll overs, but nothing like the amount of what they have been doing in the past. So, the media becomes the sounding board for the banks, the investors, and all the suit and ties that litter lower Manhattan. They are crying out for another infusion of Bens debt notes. They are crying out for Washington to get the debt ceiling raised. They are crying out in their own self serving way for more free money. They are telling Washington that the people are growing uneasy with this whole situtation and the Fed better realize this or the market is going to crash, 401k’s are going to take a major hit, a sell off will ensue and if that happens it’s all going to go from bad to much worse for everyone from top to bottom. I say let it happen. Let it crash. Something tells me that they won’t allow this to happen though. Something tells me they will get what they want.

  4. 9:14 p.m. EDT, June 6, 2011

    Unemployment offices were swamped Monday after Gov. Bev Perdue reinstated benefits to 47,000 people late last week.

    Perdue used an executive order to reinstate the long-term unemployment benefits, which have been a source of contention between Perdue and the Republican-led General Assembly.

    Unemployment Benefits
    Beverly Perdue
    In April, Perdue, a Democrat, vetoed a bill that would have extended the benefits but only if she accepted a Republican-led state budget cut of at least 13 percent.

    Archie Hicks from the Forsyth County Employment Security Commission office said anyone who stopped filing during the dead period needs to go to their local office and fill out forms to reclaim benefits.

    Those who did not stop filing should be able to get everything taken care of through a quick phone call, Hicks said.

    Hicks said many questions people find themselves waiting in line to get answered can be found on the Employment Security Commission website. There are also toll-free numbers available.

    Adrian Blackmon waited in line for almost 30 minutes Monday. It’s nothing compared to the month he has gone without receiving a cent from his benefits.

    “It will help me from not skipping a payment but help me take care of my daughter at same time,” Blackmon said.

    The order does not provide more money for those who have already exhausted their 20 weeks of benefits that are known as EB.


  6. Ask any Hobo about economics and they say a good can opener and a water proof flint box is essential. So look to the GOP TEA PARTY HOUSE to provide these items instead of Tier 5. The Debut of Country Carl’s song Hobo Up – Lyrics Writen by Country Carl and Music by Beau Robinson has been released. Country Carl says the Song is the National Anthem for the Homeless and 99ers about to be Homeless.

    Kick this town, find the tracks
    Start over again and pass the hat
    Jump a bus if you have the cash
    Or use your truck until it’s out of gas

    Hobo Up
    Take a good friend
    Hobo Up
    This is not the end
    Hobo Up
    break a leg
    Hobo Up
    Open roads are for the brave

  7. hey henry right on with that article im banking on the fact they want a war with us how can these selfish scumbags sit there and not notice what’s going on.i finally got my ebt card been begging for it for a year now i can eat. the very same people im going for help are telling me there jobs are being cut i talked to this guy and he said this to me shit you not said he’s going to be sitting in the chair im in soon iv’e walked into places looking for jobs and you can see the fear in there eyes im asking for work and there telling me there abought to be layed off this goverment has to go just an example congressman weimer here’s another dirtbag he’s supposed to be representing the people im sure it’s made the news out where you are where his code of ethics this congress are nothing but a legal mafia there worst than the mafia they have no law if i did what this guy did i would be fired.dont get it they have no morals conscience or ethics we need to take them out and start over if it’s war so be it i got to tell you being homeless has made me more angrier by the day and i know there are a lot of people in my shoe’s oh that’s right i dont even have a pair of shoes right now flip flops when this war start’s count me in im ready let’sw make this country great again thank’s henry

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