Protocal to improve Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

I have had Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (enlarged prostate) for several years now, and six months ago I began having problems in this regard having to get up every hour to painfully relieve myself.

I found a protocol that has greatly improved my condition without having to take prescription drugs from a white coated drug dealer.  

Super critical co2 extracted saw palmetto twice daily.

Lycopene twice daily.

And my own tweak prostate support by now foods 1 to 3 capsules daily depending on need.

Another tweak I have been trying is strauss prostate drops along with my saw palmetto, lycopene night time dose.  Very expensive, but at this point it seems to be better than the now prostate support.

I purchase all of these from

10 thoughts on “Protocal to improve Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

  1. Thanks for sharing this info, Paul. How long have you been on your regimen, and how long did it take for you to see noticeable improvement? Isn’t it great when you can be your own doctor? 😉

    You might also look into reflexology for this condition, which is something you can do on yourself (no need for a paid practitioner, though you certain can find a pro to show you what to do if you have trouble figuring it out on your own).

    1. Hello EE I have been on this regimen for 3 months. I began to see positive results in proximately 45 days. I was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy around 18 years ago, and have done research on it finding out that in the majority of cases, it is NOT fatal even when it develops into prostate cancer. i have several friends who elected to have it removed or irradiated, which in my opinion is a BAD move. I am still tweaking the protocol however. I have tried a large number of remedies down through the years, with very little positive results until this one.
      Hopefully my experience will help others overcome this condition without having to depend on a white coated drug dealer.
      I have had moderate success with reflexologists. However there are none that I am aware of that have extensive knowledge in my area.

      1. Paul, that is very good news and it sounds like you are on the right track! 🙂

        if you are interested in exploring reflexology self treatment, which is really quite easy, the prostate points are on both feet, and there are two places: along the back of the ankle/leg, close to the ankle bone/slightly above it, and you squeeze/massage along the tendon. The other place under the anklebone, on the inside side of the foot, and slightly towards the back (looking at the anklebone on the right foot, kind of in the 5 o’clock position; on the left foot it is in the 7 o’clock position). You will “know” the spot when you find it, because it will be painful. Basically, you just massage the painful spots, every few days. The pain should go away, and the prostate condition should improve. (and this is less intimate than a prostate massage!)

        Maybe someone else who is very experienced with reflexology can chime in here — but those are the basics 🙂

    2. Guess what – there is a cure that used to be used many years back.

      Check your area for doctors who “massage” the prostrate – they stick their finger up there and massage it – how many times I don’t know – but in a short time the effects from the “massage” causes the muscles in the prostrate to tighten back up again making it normal. Many doctors have never heard of this, and many will not do it.

      Search it and you will find listings of doctors in your area who are familiar with this treatment and who do it.

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