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  1. “Ask crew if systems shutdown of USS Cole is funny joke ha ha?”

    You REALLY have it in for Putin, don’t you Mark?

    Meanwhile, the ‘good ol’ USA’ is doing all it can to get WW3 started. For our owners, Israel, of course.

    1. Hes got a lot of people snowed. This guy wants world domination, he kills anybody who questions him, corrupt as the day is long. Pretends to be a freedom fighter, and will kill you dead at the drop of a hat.

      “When a former colleague and Kremlin insider, Boris Nemtsov, turned into an outspoken critic opposed to the corruption of Mr. Putin’s rule, he was shot dead openly on the streets of Moscow only steps from the Kremlin. Now that sends a very clear message to anyone who would dare to oppose Mr. Putin. And this was only a few months ago in early 2015. Mr. Putin publicized that he called the mother of the deceased Mr. Nemtsov to express his condolences and to vow that he would find the killer. This shockingly evokes Shakespeare’s timeless portrayal of the nature of brutal dictators in his great play Macbeth, written around 1603, when the dictator Macbeth mourned and wailed the death of Banquo to the public, when, in fact, it was Macbeth who had ordered the murder of Banquo.”

      No, I don’t like the guy, yeah, he hates Jews, so what?

      1. What, do you think this clown loves American Nationals?

        He’s worth something like 200 billion dollars, how the hell did that happen? Did the retirement plans for the KGB suddenly skyrocket?

        Sure, the younger Russians love the guy, even though they are facing economic collapse, just as we are, let’s see how they feel when things light off, as they strap on their jack boots, given their AKs and march off into la la land.

        I don’t kiss ass when I comment, I call it like I see it, it’s called perspective. Beyond me why anybody would want to stick their tongue down this clowns commie throat.

        I protect my own, not some corrupt ex KGB maniac.

        1. “Putin’s 2003 arrest of the richest man in Russia, Michael Khodorkovsky (which included a televised trial with Khodorkovsky in a cage) prompted approximately twenty oligarchs in the country to plead with Putin, asking what they could do to avoid that fate, Browder explained.”

          “His response was: ‘50%’” Browder said. “Not 50% to the Russian government, not 50% to the presidential administration of Russia. 50% to Vladmir Putin. And at that moment in time, Putin effectively became the richest man in the world. I estimate his net worth to be $200 billion.”

          1. lol…Wow. Ever thought about a Rabies shot?

            “Your own” include most of the richest and most murderous – and dangerous – cretins on the planet.

            “The US and Israel are the 2 greatest threats to world peace today – and quite possibly, to humanity itself” ~ Stephen Lendmen (a Jew, by the way)

    2. You really love this son of bitch, don’t you, Koorz?
      Putin is a goddamn communist and has nothing to do with my people or our fight.
      What is your interest, are you a communist or a Russian?

  2. We except all opinions here koortz, as long as your not trolling, your good to go chief, have a nice day.

    Take your rabies shot and stick it up you ass. You wanna play asshole? Watch what happens.

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