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  1. We are antigun, because if they are disarmed we can kill them and take the rest of this shit without a war….

  2. While many parents are themselves victims of the programming, I think they, too, need rescuing and restoring. I would not want to be a parent today; it’s hard enough being a grandparent. But… I’m foreseeing


    where they take back their power, raise their own children as they see fit, and make the state back the &^#! off.




    1. I know I did, so it can be done

      they just cant be lazy types , it takes a level of discipline and perseverance

      Im afraid the percentage is low , Galen

      I got in the face of CPS and The Public Fool system .. I won ..because My attitude was I fckin dont need you , and No you will not screw with me

      not many people have it in them to buck the system .. they fear the unknown, where some of us welcome the unknown and make it our Btch

      my wife had my back 110% too

      1. Wow, quite a testament to self-empowerment. I love it!!

        I also think, that beyond being afraid, many don’t buck the system because they just don’t know how.

        Henry’s been teaching us how to deal with the courts and that has helped a lot. We need another model for parents who have to deal with the system. Homeschooling is a start, but there’s so much more to address. The medical system for one.

        Thanks for your courage. It’s contagious.



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