6 thoughts on “Rabbi Talks Truth About Hitler And The Jews

  1. That sinking feeling you get when a joo ALMOST tells the whole truth…

    Known liars can’t be trusted to tell the truth on ANYTHING.

    If he were 100% honest, he would reject ANY affiliation with that satanic cult.

    Nice find, Galen.

      1. I’d love to hear how he provides his own rebuttal to himself and elevate themselves to an even HIGHER regard than they already do. Both sides of the mouth talking. 2 joos, three opinions, as it goes, but I think they’re more like exponents than addition.

    1. “Jews made communism, not goyim”. He stated a 100%true fact in this and its something many of us have been saying and known for many years. The part that is kept out however, is that the jews who invented communism got the idea and script from the talmud. Something that this conservative jew no doubt follows. He harps on about certain jews and I guarantee if you follow his speeches you’ll see him talk about liberal or loose moral jews. But any who follow the talmud, which is the overwhelming majority of them, are the perpetrators and supporters of communism. That’s the part that’s missing. They may have quarrels within sometimes, but want to achieve the same goal. The orthodox or conservative jews want to wait for their messiah to come to do the very things the zionist and communists are doing now.

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