Raging Cop Throws Woman to the Ground and Proceeds to Strangle Her

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Pasadena, TX — A disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week showing a police officer shove a woman, throw her to the ground and then choke her out. After she was brutalized by the officer, the woman arrested and charged with his assault.

Adilene Guerrero, 22, was arrested Sunday night outside of a Pasadena nightclub after she allegedly got into an altercation with another woman.

According to police, the altercation spilled outside of the club where officers managed to break it up. However, after it was over, Guerrero appeared to have a few words for the officer.

Police claimed that Guerrero became aggressive with officers so the force they used was necessary. The video does not show this aggression. However, it does show the officer walk up to Guerrero and slam her into a car behind her.

As Guerrero appears to mouth off to the officer, he charges at her and throws all of his weight into the woman sending her flying backward. In what appears to be a simple reaction to being assaulted, Guerrero pushes back. That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Instead of realizing that he was the one who initiated the attack, the officer took the woman’s retaliatory shove as an attack on him and proceeded unleash his fury on her.

The officer is then seen on video shoving the woman to the ground, jumping on top of her and then grabs her by the neck in some sort of display of power.

Naturally, Guerrero squirms as the officer continues to strangle her. This squirming is perceived as resisting and more force is used. As the officer begins pummelling her face, several men with flashlights, presumably security officers and other police officers, move in to blind the camera of the woman filming.

According to the Pasadena police department, the officer seen shoving the woman for no reason and then strangling her was not suspended or disciplined in any way.

Guerrero was obviously in the wrong for fighting outside of the nightclub. However, the officer’s unprovoked escalation of force in the form of the violent push was unnecessary and made a bad situation far worse.

Guerrero should only be facing charges of disorderly conduct but because this officer chose to take out his aggression on her, she is now facing an assault charge against a police officer.

In Texas, assault on a public servant is a felony of the third degree which means Guerrero is now facing the possibility of no less than two years in jail and as many as ten.

As you watch the video below, imagine how easily this officer could’ve resolved this situation had he not shoved the woman first.

Sadly, officers attacking intoxicated women much smaller than them happens all too often. In 2016, the Free Thought Project reported on the story of Officer Akinyemi Borisade who was caught on multiple videos beating Mayra Martinez — one while she was handcuffed and the other while she was on the ground at a local strip club.

Martinez, 31, had a bad first day on the job at the local Scores Bar in Jacksonville. That afternoon, she became intoxicated, quit, and refused to leave, so police were called. When police arrived at the bar around 5 p.m., they arrested Martinez and charged her with trespassing and resisting.

To deal with the unruly woman who was half their size, two officers, one of them Akinyemi  Borisade, threw the intoxicated Martinez to the ground. In the video, Borisade is seen dropping fist after fist into the back, head and face of Martinez. He also slams the woman’s face into the concrete repeatedly.

She was then taken back to the jail where the abuse continued.

When cops can beat up women with impunity, it should come as no surprise that instances like the ones above are frequently caught on video. It should also come as no surprise that police officers beat their wives and girlfriends at a far greater rate than the rest of society. 

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3 thoughts on “Raging Cop Throws Woman to the Ground and Proceeds to Strangle Her

    1. She’s of legal age to drink all the Cuervo Gold she wants to, and pushing someone back who just pushed you is a natural reaction.

      She also has a right to say whatever the hell she wants to that pig.

      The pig is NOT allowed to beat up on people, and the fact of this one beating up a girl half is size is shameful, if not psychotic.

  1. Note the pigs’ flashlights being shot at the recorders. Nah, they’re not trying to hide anything? I hate a loudmouth drunk spouting off as much ae the next guy, but when you deny them their Rights, you are forfeiting yours AND mine!

    Forfeit your own all you want. I’ll make that decision for ME and you can go F yourself while you’re trying to chomp pig dong at the same time, F you very much, copsuckers. The race angle is designed to play off hate.

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