Raleigh scaffolding collapse: Three workers killed and one seriously injured at high-rise building in North Carolina

Independent – by KASHMIRA GANDER

A collapsed scaffold on a high-rise building in North Carolina has killed three workers and hospitalised one other.

The workers were attempting to remove and lower scaffolding on the 11-storey Charter Square building in downtown Raleigh this morning, when a problem occurred shortly after 11am, Mike Hampton, the chief operation officer of the project’s contractor, told the WRAL local television station.  

Witnesses on the scene said they heard what sounded like an explosion and saw scaffolding crash into the building’s south side between the fifth and sixth floors.

None of the workers involved have been identified, and it remains unclear if they were standing on the scaffold, or tethered to an object.

Other workers at the scene said the hospitalised man suffered serious injuries after he was discovered breathing but almost unresponsive in a portable toilet. It is not clear whether he was inside the toilet or fell from above, according to BBC News.

Wake County EMS district chief Jeffrey Hammerstein told BBC News that the four workers were all involved in the construction project.

Police, the North Carolina Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Division were investigating the incident.

Speaking on behalf of the Raleigh City Council, Mayor Nancy McFarlane expressed her condolences for those involved in the incident.

“I was incredibly saddened to learn of the construction accident that occurred this morning at the Charter Square construction site,” McFarlane said.

“I would like to offer our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the workers who tragically lost their lives. Please keep the workers and their families in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.”


3 thoughts on “Raleigh scaffolding collapse: Three workers killed and one seriously injured at high-rise building in North Carolina

  1. why were they attempting this at the 11th floor?

    why wasnt everyone properly tied off?

    this should have never happened

  2. Good. I’m glad they’re dead, and I hope their families starve to death as a result of this.

    The reason is this: These scaffold collapses, and crane collapses all happen on non-union construction sites, and the people killed here were undoubtedly wetbacks who took jobs from Americans because they’re willing to work for peanuts.

    The bosses save a lot of cash by ignoring all safety requirements, just like they do in China. Insurance companies will pay a pittance to the families, and the bosses will kill a new gang of wetbacks on the next job.

    And if you want to work again, you’ll have to work alongside of wetbacks, risking your life on shoddily-constructed scaffolding, so the rich Jew who owns the construction company can stick a few more Jew nickels into his pocket.

    YOU are responsible for this, because YOU allowed the TV to convince you that labor unions are evil. Admittedly, some unions are evil, but in the construction business they’re a matter of survival.

    Now you can climb up on the scaffolding with the wetbacks, and die so your boss can make an extra nickel today.

    1. Unions made trucking safer, too. What were union safety rules in the 60’s & 70’s are now Federal safety standards. Trucking still remains a hell of a lot more dangerous than being a cop, though.

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