Rand Paul to sue Obama, NSA


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will announce on Wednesday a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, the National Security Agency, and others involved in the spy agency’s mass collection of Americans’ personal data, according to a statement.

“I am filing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama because he has publicly refused to stop a clear and continuing violation of the 4th Amendment. The Bill of Rights protects all citizens from general warrants. I expect this case to go all the way to the Supreme Court and I predict the American people will win,” Paul said in a statement.

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will serve as his lead counsel and Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, joins him in filing the suit.

The plaintiffs seek relief from the “defendants’ mass, suspicionless, non-particularized collection, storage, retention, and search of telephone metadata related to every domestic or international phone call made or received by Plaintiffs and class members,” according to a statement provided to POLITICO. They ask that the defendants be ordered to “purge” all personal communications metadata from the Mass Associational Tracking Program databases.

Paul, Cuccinelli, and Kibee will host a press conference on the lawsuit at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the U.S. District Court of D.C.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/02/rand-paul-national-security-agency-lawsuit-103423.html#ixzz2t81Mpmvi

14 thoughts on “Rand Paul to sue Obama, NSA

  1. MSM will find it difficult to shy away from informing American’s of this on going event. Just maybe, then, regular citizens will become more informed of what has been happening to their country, to our US Const….Some heavy hitters in the law are involved in carrying out this suit. I expect corrupt judges sitting on the bench will have to hide and allow due process…

      1. you are right NotTooBitter
        this Rand Paul is for ever blabbing……….
        lets see if he gets it done….
        There is a part of me that is so trusting….God at my age you would think I would know better…
        Perhaps, though to live to 100, a person has to have that. Otherwise the overwhelmed self would check out of here….I posted this in good faith….

  2. yes, certainly must be just their thinking………too!
    Not probable, possible though, the US Supreme court could upset the apple cart….for the 1%.
    Most of my entire life time, hasn’t seemed to come out that way….
    1% is just that. 1%……….so if they tip themselves over…..don’t be shocked.

  3. Yeah right!

    tell me some more Bull spit..No one is sueing anyone, and no one is getting impeached, and no one is going to prison, and seems no traitors were hurt in the production of this comment either

    Rule of Law hanging on by a thread, or I should say rule of law for us, not for them

  4. If anybody was awarded monetary compensation because of any lawsuit “victory” they would probably only use taxpayer funds to pad and line the pockets of these clowns even further. And if anyone thinks there is a way that WE, the people, would ever have a way of finding out if the true and proper rule of the republic is being adhered to and believes it, needs to have their head checked. Their far-reaching and trampling of our rights already has proven that they have nothing but contempt for us. What. A. Joke.

  5. My Fellow Patriots:

    OH,.. YEAAAAAAA!!!!!



    (Behind this,…. the music from, “Underdog”,.. singing the “Rand Paul Will Save Us All” song…..)

    I Love You Rand Paul,….

    I Love You Ted Cruz,….

    I Love You Big Brother,…..

    Oh,.. wait,.. no I don’t!,… I would just simply LOOOOVVVVEEEEE to see ALL these traitors HANG!

    JD – US Marines – Having Rand Paul saying he’s going to save us is like a college offering, “Adolph Hitler Style Sensitivity Training” courses,… Yeah,… that’ll work….

  6. this posting has gotten some stirrings of comments. i asked it be posted for what it was……a law suit….
    If filed as stated, it’s possible….for some .. pluses to follow.
    Personally, am not for Rand Paul or anyone else ….in politics…
    Filing postings with Henry and then especially commenting on those, does require one to take a hit….via comments…
    So it is I and others who post, take some hits.

    1. rbeason,
      my comment was not directed to you. I am glad you posted the article. I was speaking of the sheeple that worship rand paul.

        1. I am going to add some comment on this word!Sorry….in so doing i will follow it’s relevance to the much larger word….Love…
          Were it not for those both (two concepts) of yours and my speaking vocabulary, there would be very little to identify us as civil, intelligent, beings. Your’s and mine, our existances, are predicated upon those two realities of relevance, which have gone back through out all of us’s ancestors……Yes! We! Are! Related.
          What dos the word Sorry say? In the least it says, I understand!…IN The Least….that’s correct! In the most, it says, I am with you in your anticipation of retromands….
          Then I will ask myself! What about LOVE?
          The very basic on this is Kindness…Does that need explaining also? OK!
          It’s related to the word and thought…Sorry!
          I Under Stand………….!
          Love is broader though in it says something of non-verbal communication…….All of us have done it and all of us have received it.
          As and explanation……..
          It’s correct….no explaining needed.
          Tis Correct

          1. Wasn’t directed at you at all either, rb. It was the thought of judges and lawyers and our “justus” system alone that made me spout. Take no offense,please. Bulldog has already accurately conveyed my sentiments. Thanks to you both

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