10 thoughts on “RAW VIDEO: Germanwings Airbus A320 Flight 4U9525 Plane Crash (Debris Found)

  1. That is a lot of small debris, spread over a large area. Not the debris from a plane that ran into a mountain… Looks like it exploded while in the air.

    1. Yea I agree, too. If a plane hit a mountain or the ground, it would have split apart in larger pieces of debris. These are tiny pieces like scattered paper or ashes falling from the sky after an explosion with trails of it littered everywhere.

  2. The cockpit voice recorder was “heavily damaged” according to CNN. Who was on that plane? Who benefits?

  3. That IS a lot of scattered debris. I wonder where all the scattered debris was at the Pentagram and Shanksville, PA on 9/11?

    Just wonderin’…….

    1. ahhuh..yup, my thoughts exactly

      isnt it funny how the future tells on the past ,,, especially when we all have been lied to

      truth is truth FOREVER.. a lie constantly changes and is proven buy further events if one is paying attention and is a critical thinker

  4. Looks like an airbus that met a car’s worst nightmare and got dropped from a passing aircraft! No way this is a crash, let alone a crash site.

  5. as another poster had commented, project skyhook. no need for pilots when planes can be controlled from the ground. ever notice how terrorist attacks are always centered around making changes to something?

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