2 thoughts on “Red Cross ‘Spending Is A Trade Secret’

  1. We never ever send 1 Penny, Dime, Dollar etc to any of these organizations. They are nothing but Con men entities. We have tried many to donate our time and assets to help but are told NO just send us money. The day after Katrina we were loaded up with Water, roofing materials, Generators and such headed to Hattiesburg for family just in case since there was no communication for a few days. When we got there our family members were ok so we decided to give away our expendables. We contacted local Red Cross and were told we don’t want your supplies just money. We even tried to giveaway the water we had brought in 2 1/2 gallon containers and all anyone wanted was money to go to the convienence store to buy Gas, Cigs, Beer even though ALL water in area was off-line

  2. “Red Cross ‘Spending Is A Trade Secret’ ”

    Which is why I don’t support them in any way. When they ask me for money, I just look at them like they’re a fly in my soup.

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