10 thoughts on “Regal Cinemas adds bag checks to security policy

  1. Notice how they show the people who are FOR the security checks but not against it and claim most people they talk to are in agreement. Propaganda at its finest.

    This is a slow indoctrination to TSA/Airport style checks which they have been wanting for so long now. Next will be the body scanners and then the X-ray machines and then the police and TSA. Hell, we already have police at our theater. Disgusting.

    And of course these people will allow these theaters to have them give up their 4th Article Rights without a problem. WTF is wrong with people???

    My theater has a management that is so worried about corporate liability and being on the 6 o’clock news for everything, that they will do anything to ensure our freedoms are taken away as long as it is in the interest of security for the people and more importantly, for the corporation itself. Theaters have a clause that states that “they have the right to inspect customer bags and parcels if they deem it necessary” and they are now going to start using this to the utmost extreme as time goes on. Fascism at its finest. Hail Hitler! It’s absolutely sickening.

    1. You hit it on the head NC, they are not concerned with any customer, all they care about is their corporate image.

  2. We have one theater here that has one showing of one movie once a night (one matinee on weekends).

    I don’t foresee security measures of any kind being implemented any time soon there.


  3. It is their property.
    It is their right to do what they believe is in the safety of their customers.

    With that said…….
    I will not be going to any cinema that sees a paying customer as a threat.
    Why make the movie going experience more hostile when there is only junk
    on the big screen?
    Maybe they are more concerned about the customer taking in food or beverage?

  4. Yep, gotta catch all those covertly carrying in their drinks and snacks to thwart the high concession prices.

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