9 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. And any true patriot won’t either
    Just cowards and sheeple , those that never deserved to own from the get go jmho

    1. Bart,while in most part agree with you I am a man with no family ect.,easier for me to take a different road.That said,would as a slave of a state decree work out enuff fake paperwork ect. to show firearms are gone(still there when I need em),is easy though for a person without others depending on them.

  2. My Fellow Patriots:

    Well,.. I’m sure the communist won’t allow THAT little fact to get over looked!!

    I’m sure when they come out the next addition of Commie-Core History Books,… they will have stories about how the colonists JOYFULLY registered their weapons with the local British constabulary!

    JD – US Marines – Remember,.. the commies ALWAYS rewrite history to suit their current agenda’s.

  3. never did like standing in line. don’t have to for this anyway. when i joined up years ago, i swore to protect, and defend the constitution of the united states of America against all foreign, and domestic enemy’s, and that i will do. i do not need anyone’s permission to do so.

  4. Oh! I remember! I remember! It was when they registered them under Hitler!

    It says so right here in my Communist Core History Book!

    lol (sorry, I couldn’t resist the sarcasm)

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