Repocalypse: The Little Crisis that Roared

The Great Recession

That didn’t take long. I just published an article showing how the Fed had responded with a quarter of a trillion dollars to save the economy from what it claimed was a mere blip. Since then, the recession-causing Repocalypse I’ve warned of has roared around the world, forcing the Fed to amplify its response again. 

The Fed’s planners just cannot outrun the little monster they created. It is growing as quickly as they increase their running speed. In the article I just alluded to, I also stated,

As you look at that, bear in mind that the Fed is continuing to add $60 billion more new money on top of that each month all the way to April, and that several times since September they’ve already had to increase what they said they would do, so may have to increase it more still. By the time we are done, based on the Fed’s schedule for its new QE, the Repo crash will have turned out to be so massive that the Fed will have flooded the economy with, at least, HALF A TRILLION dollars just to prevent the crisis from happening again and causing major banking/credit problems

A Love Letter to my Crow about my 2019 Predictions

I showed this graph of how far they had already gone in trying to pump the failing system back up:

Then I noted that, in spite of such historically rapid and massive Fed intervention, the economy was still sinking toward — if not deeper into — recession.

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4 thoughts on “Repocalypse: The Little Crisis that Roared

  1. The author of this article should stop patting himself on the back for making “predictions” a year ago that were widely known since 2006.

  2. I don’t know who is worse at making bogus predictions over and over expecting the same results…economists or evangelical rapture-ridden Christian Zionists….

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