Reports from Aleppo city | November 2nd 2016

This video contains footage from both the militants and the Free Syrian Army inside Aleppo, its excellent footage however there are two men hit with sniper fire filmed from a distance, they simply drop and there is no visible blood, dismemberment and so on. The first link gets you right to the men being shot so you can decide if this is something you can show or not. There is a lot of footage coming from Syria showing the horrors of war which makes it very real, personally I think people need to see it so we stop backing the nutcases causing it.

2 thoughts on “Reports from Aleppo city | November 2nd 2016

  1. Tired of only backing the SAA with a keyboard, hatred and tears brother. Real tired. Thanks for post.
    It really hits when I see these strong people die, then have to watch a bunch of spoiled American brats protest for their LGBT safe space. How bout safe space for the Syrian kids. Where are the little queers on that? Pussies.

  2. I agree Bob and your comment made me realize I MISSPOKE, I wrote “Free Syrian Army” but I meant Syrian Arab Army. Please excuse my mistake and I promise to be more careful in the future. Anyway folks this is nothing compared to whats out there as far as seeing the horrors of war. Most everyone wants to pick sides but hardly anyone wants to take a hard look at whats going on. The majority of Americans can’t stomach seeing how their meat is cultivated and processed, out of sight out of mind, we live in interesting times.

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