0 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Debate

  1. UGHGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! They won’t stop talking about Romney and Perry! Why don’t they just have sex with them. Espically Perry.

    1. They probably are. Isn’t that what took Rome out? These people are moral perverts…so where’s the surprise in anything they do?

      Accept it.

  2. I’ve got an idea that will never happen until we’re free.Let’s have a debate on the Alex Jones channel.How can you explain thousands of years of history in a minute?These shithead wan’abes can’t give anything but contrived answers to questions they already know are coming.And they still can’t answer worth a shit.We should ask the questions,not corporate controlled media.Go,Ron Paul and all of his supporters for thinking for yourselves and standing for the cause of freedom.I am 51 years old and I can recall when we were free.The Fed was working on us then,too,but had made careful,long term plans to enslave us all.They’re getting way too close.This is why I no longer even care if the Steelers win!Entertainment is used to distract you from thinking.Someday you’ll see us differently when history proves us right,but if the unthinkable happens it’s gonna’ give me no satisfaction to say “I told you so.”

  3. I watched the GOP Debate. What a joke ! Talk about the media ignoring Ron Paul, he got asked about 4 or 5 questions, when the rest of those assholes got asked about 20 each. And what’s with this slime ball Rick Perry ? This shit head comes out of nowhere, and suddenly he’s in first place ? I know………..it’s the corporate controlled media’s propaganda, but this piece of shit hasn’t even been a debate, until tonite. How in the Hell could he be the front runner ? This is reminding me of the last election. Obama, coming out of the blue, then winning. I never even heard of Pissant Perry till a couple of months ago. God help us, we can’t survive another Bush clone Texas asshole in the White House !

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