Will the American People’s Vote Count in 2012

UVA Political Science Professor, Larry Sabato, came on FOX News and said to forget about the national polls, the 2012 election will be decided by 7 states, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Florida, and not by the people of these states, but rather by their delegates and the Electoral College.  Sabato said, “The only thing that matters in our system is the Electoral College.  Like it, hate it, want to leave it, it’s what will elect the next president.”  In essence saying the vote of the people does not count.

Well I’ve got news for you Larry, you and your Electoral College just try to nullify the vote of we the people and we will treat with you like the traitor you are.

It is interesting that such an outrageous assertion is being put forth at this point in the ball game.  In truth we are a year away from the election and the propagandists are coming forth to tell us that no matter whom we vote for on our individual ballots, we can expect that either a national socialist neo-con or a social communist will be our president.

The fact is it is becoming undeniable that the majority of the people are solidly behind Ron Paul and our Constitution.

In listening to a report on CNN, in reference to last nights’ debate, the name of every participant was mentioned except Ron Paul.

Prima fascia, those currently holding power in our government are violating our Constitution to the benefit of the corporate elite who have bought and paid for them and to the demise of we the people.  Their greatest fear is the reinstitution of the Republic under our Constitution as this act will unquestionably destroy them and restore the power to we the people.

It is simple, those who want either the neo-con or the socialist are the very bastards that have been robbing us blind and violating our rights for a hundred years now.  Let’s be completely clear about this.  They will say anything or do anything to stop Ron Paul, the people, and the Constitution.  We have to realize that what is riding on this election equates to nothing short of either a peaceful return to the Constitution, or a violent one.

They babble about creating jobs when both phony factions know they have no intent of doing so.  In fact they have been working diligently for the last fifteen years to eliminate every job in the United States they can.

As mentioned in previous articles they are determined that we will not even be allowed to help ourselves in the smallest manner.  No lemonade stands, no garden produce, no landscaping, no construction of any kind, and don’t even think of milking your cow and selling the produce to your neighbor, as these unconscionable scum bags will spare no money or effort in shutting you down, seizing your property and jailing  you.

And if you think these goddamn unions are on your side, think again.  They do not want anyone who is not paying them dues milking a cow, making lemonade, or hammering a nail, as any and all private free enterprise perpetrated by individuals represents a competition to the monopoly they desire over the right to work.

There is only one way this country is going to thrive again and it is simple.  Stop the theft of the resources.  Stop paying for the export of jobs.  Give the millions upon millions of entrepreneurs in this country interest free loans derived from the monies retrieved from the theft.  Deregulate the people and watch us thrive.

The destruction of our country is being perpetrated on purpose and not only are they not going to stop the destruction, they intend to finish it.  We have to get meaner and let them know that their Electoral College, their twelve person politburo, and no one else are going to enslave us.

This year the sale of privately owned firearms will reach 15 million.  This is enough top of the line weaponry to arm the five largest armies in this world, and that is just this year.  We are the giant and we are awake and we need to make it clear to our enemies that we will destroy them.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The treasonous scumbags in power feel that we the people are too stupid to know what is good for us, so they make sure they do everything in their power to put their puppet of choice in the White House. They count on millions of Americans being brainless idiots portrayed by such characters as Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. They’re hoping that such people will look up from their beer and Doritos during a sports cast to see their puppet of choice and say “Oh, ok, I’ll vote for that guy!” This brainwashing of America has gone on for way too long now! The government does NOT know what is best for we the people. If Ron Paul is not elected President, you can count on civil war, IT WILL HAPPEN!

      1. Homeland Security is going to learn that there are a lot more of those who defend the Constitution than those who support them.

  2. Sociopaths won’t give up easily.They haven’t yet realised that they will lose the use of the U.S. military to do their bloody bidding.They don’t know that I respect Muslims.They don’t think that people as “ignorant” as we will hang them.You wanna F my kid? Good night.

  3. Free markets demand no unions as the value of labor is determined by the market.Manipulation of free markets is the problem.Bankers are the problem.Austrian economics is cool.Hayek and Von Mises were as right as the conspiracy “theorists.”Economic law is as immutable as gravitational law.The apple will always fall from the tree.Check it out.

  4. Repatriation shall be sweet.However it may slow down the shipment of high quality goods we now receive from Asia as the ships will be too full of our stolen wealth to leave room for trinkets.On the bright side we shall send the ships back to Asia with a full load of Asia loving trinket makers.

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