16 thoughts on “Resist!

  1. If / when the day arrives that I’m faced with 10-20 SWAT or military at my door, I am only one and those odds don’t favor me. But that doesn’t matter to me anymore, I will at the very least take several with me, IF, I don’t blow my house up ( instructions will not be included here ) and take most. To me, survival is not of / for the body, but my spirit, soul, integrity, and dignity. Praise Christ Jesus, my lord, savior, and guide . . .

    1. I’m too old to go to jail, too. If we’re caught in the house, a good kill ratio is the best we can hope for. (we’re certainly not going to be found “innocent” of anything)

      1. Odds don’t matter, nor age, nor dead or alive, only right and wrong matter. We resist because it is right.

        1. I’ve said it many times before, and now once more: ” That which we refuse to oppose, is that which we condone “.

  2. A lot of fed up folks in this country.While I agree perhaps the odds bad as we are taken solo while bringing at least one with us will spark a lot more anger,the odds in big picture may not be as bad as they seem.

  3. We’re a republic of underdogs ……and we’re winners !
    The odds are always against us …..those of us who are righteous.
    But we win anyway …regardless !
    The pressure is stimulating for one to succeed ….
    Tell me I can’t do it …and I’ll find a way to do so !
    And it’s because of the Grace and Strength MY Lord Jesus Christ
    affords to me as to why I HAVE VICTORIES !

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