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I can cure any disease with a fever.   Hippocrates

Not going through measles puts you at greater risk for other chronic disease later in life. Dr Thomas Cowan 

Dr Cowan says we have two immune systems. One is cellular. The other involves white blood cells. White blood cells digest and eliminates dying cells.

Dr. Thomas Cowan wrote Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.

Peanut oil in vaccines started in 1998. How many people over 40 ever heard of peanut allergies killing people before 1998? Hundreds of Millions of people around the world are mystery fans. When was the first mystery written in which the murderer used peanuts to kill his victim? I found 2 popular American TV shows which used peanuts to kill. The first aired in 2002. Can anyone find such a plot written prior to 1998? Can anyone find Amish with autism? Did anyone interview elderly people in 2000 and ask them how many children back in the 1930s, 40s and early 50s were autistic?

Asthma is a hyperactive immune response in the lungs and autism is a hyperactive immune system in the brain. Antibodies are not the same as immunity from the disease.

A virus enters a cell and makes the cell miserable. We have a cell mediated immune system. White blood cells digest and eliminates dying cells. It is not the virus that makes you sick. Being sick is the way your white blood system kills the infected cell. Being sick is good.

Adjuvant is Latin for helper. Adjuvants like aluminum and mercury are added to vaccines to stimulate the body to make vaccines develop antibodies.

We have no path to absorb aluminum and no path to excrete aluminum.
Antibodies are made not just to diphtheria but also to thymus or any other inflammation.

Rauch et al in Jama said vaccines cut death per 100,000 in diphtheria. It was cut but before the vaccine was introduced but vaccine promoters don’t say that.

MRC-5 is added to many vaccines today. MRC-5 is cultured from an aborted fetus that had 500 genetic predispositions to cancer. The immune system develops antibodies because those fetal cells are invading foreign DNA. It seems to me that Big Pharma wants you to develop an autoimmune disease which requires patients to see the doctor a dozen or more times a year and to buy multiple drugs for the next 30 years of a miserable life.

No way the Congress is going to give opt out privileges to students, teachers and nurses.

To reduce autoimmune disease: Avoid vaccines with adjuvants. Build a gut Barrier. Dr Jordan Patrick: Cut back on sugar which feeds bad microbes and cancer cells. Your body manufactures a gut barrier using probiotics, a high fiber diet and vitamin B complex. This will stop 80% of cytokine responses which trigger the immune system.

About the heart: Dr Gerald Pollack went to Moscow University to talk to a friend and a man with a neighboring lab to his friend. They demonstrated that the human heart is not powerful enough to push red blood cells through all those miles of capillaries in our bodies.

Blood stops at the capillaries and so it has to start going again. If the blood stops in the capillaries and then starts again, that means there must be a pump there. The human body’s capillaries is long enough to go around the earth. The gel layer of water nearest the hydrophyllic cell wall is called structured water. It is also called Exclusion Zone or EZ water. The water flows because of the different charges. But how do we have trees taller than 33 feet? Veins have hydrophyllic surfaces. They push blood in the center of the vein. A paralyzed man can pump blood from the legs so legs not responsible for pumping blood out of the legs.

Straw and spitball. Small spitball then small straw. If circulation is lowered, then your body needs hypertension to make a smaller straw. That means hypertension is a solution to a problem.

Very little heart disease before 1920. Prof who invented the EKG machine offered it for free to Harvard but they said no because there was no need. 1920 cookbooks cream , butter and meat. Perennial vegetables concentrate nutrients. Cowan has a one acre garden of perennial vegetables. Wikipedia lists 30 perennials apart from asparagus and artichokes. Dr Cowan also recommends Maine sea vegetables.

Cowan says a heart attack is a lack of Oxygen at a cellular level which forces the cell into anaerobic respiration which produces lactic acid. Muscle cramps in legs and heart attacks.

Anything that interferes with the capillaries can cause heart attacks. Three are 1) smoking does more damage to capillary flow than to larger blood vessels. 2)  Diabetes. Does nothing to large blood vessels but does slow capillary action. 3)  Stress (Adrenaline) constricts small capillaries.

In terms of prevention Dr Cowan wants us to get Reverse Osmosis or better water that eliminates toxins like Heavy Water (Deuterium at 150 ppm), fluoride, chlorine, glyphosates, pesticides, prescription drugs and other industrial and agricultural wastes. Avoid GMO foods.

He also favors eating food and spices that are thermogenic meaning they increase heat at the cellular level. At this moment, I am cooking with curry, turmeric, black pepper, ginger and garlic. I take green tea twice a day and a  cayenne capsule several times a day. Cayenne is one of the 6 herbs from a German herbal formula that enabled a person I know to pass his first echocardiogram ever increasing the output of his left ventricle to normal levels.

Some people suffer from low metabolism. A little bit of desiccated  thyroid will bring the patient’s metabolism to a more normal level. Dr Cowan also favors a Ketogenic diet which increases fats and reduces carbohydrates.

Below are several videos from Cowan. The first is a little over 5 minutes. You will learn that I did not do him justice.The solution is to jump into his videos.

The next three are from my friend Mark’s Cowan playlist. The first one is the most revealing of Cowan’s approach to cellular health. It is an interview with Dr Mercola. The New Biology of Water. He proves the cancer lies in the cytoplasm of the cell.

The next video is Healthy Immunity

The last video is Heart Is Not a Pump: This Causes Cardiovascular Disease

This is the URL for Mark’s collection of Playlists. He has done the research for you so you might want to take a look at his wide range of Playlists. He has dozens of lists on a wide range of topics.

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