Retired Oregon Police Officer Comments on LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

There is zero doubt regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum that OSP and FBI HRT, set this up, a kill box. Due diligence, I AM a retired Oregon Police Officer, from two counties away. While from a grand jury standpoint, this murder was never going to see the inside of a court room for criminal charges, that’s just how police shootings work, I DO NOT AGREE with the white washing of Justice.

In reviewing the Deschutes County Reports, I’ve never read such garbage. Specifically, Officer #1 stating all OSP SWAT had been called to HQ in Salem Or, and briefed on the” anti United Nations” position of Grant County and many Malheur County citizens, that there existed an anti-United Nations authority sentiment.

I’m appalled. Shouldn’t EVERY US citizen be anti UN, operating within the
United States of America. This is simply astounding. To think that our State Police were actually called in and briefed on what their political positions should be.

Shot three times in The Back while maybe reaching for a gun.

Listen I’m unaware of ANY situation in which the police can set a road block in a poorly placed location, on a curve and leave I think the report said 360 feet of roadway to stop a vehicle traveling at 70 mph.

And THEN shoot at the vehicle” because you were afraid for your life. Since when can the Police create a set of ” Expedient Circumstances ” and then use that created deadly situation to fire on a moving vehicle. Without consequences.

Had LaVoy been a threat and intended to kill police officers, then ramming the hasty road block would have accomplished that quickly. LaVoy did a fantastic job of missing the road block and getting stopped WITHOUT, causing injury to the police. His actions demonstrated his intent to NOT INJURE others.

HRT policing their brass. Concealing evidence. I’m appalled, and to recently learn that these same FBI HRT. Members are still actively on duty, in Langley, simply adds to the clear intent of this murder.

Sadly I recognize that the FBI’s actions are a “Learned” behavior. We will eventually learn that the FBI have been taught/ instructed to recover their brass, and that this will not have been the first time FBI HRT, has committed this crime of, crime scene tampering.

We will learn that this tactic is an ongoing event, that multiple crime scenes throughout the United States.

I am appalled. I did 24/25 years and have never seen such madness, what has happened, is it recruitment issues, or is it training issues. We live in a small community, and even locally the city police are looking like storm troopers, vest, M4’s on calls.

Many of my past associates privately agree that law enforcement is changing, evolving into something never intended. Sadly their trapped 20 years in and to reach retirement they must do 25 or until their 55. They feel trapped, because they are trapped.

In closing I would share this. I know many men who were sent to Burns Oregon to assist. I know some of the OSP SWAT members, and have argued my view of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum. While we were not in agreement, and. I’m sure I damaged long relationships.

I cannot stand by and NOT call this Murder exactly what it was. I cannot Speak up, in fact I feel I have a duty to step up and call this sad, sad event exactly what it is, a murder of a fellow US Citizen.

I pity my fellow retired officers who clearly recognize what has happened, yet do zero about it. Saying nothing.

Not standing up, Not speaking out especially as a retired, or active police officer, is excepting the breakdown of law enforcement within the US.

Honesty, Integrity , Loyalty to We The People, IS what being a Police Officer is all about.

In closing I would like to share this Pearl. About 14 years ago the SCOTUS, handed down a finding, a definition of how/ what police duties are. It goes something like this.

The duty of the Police is to investigate, and arrest. SCOTUS, states that The Police have zero duty to protect citizens from harm or death.

When I read this SCOTUS definition I was heartbroken, ” no duty to protect” WTF.

In a class I attended the instructor clearly defined that finding to mean this.

It is the duty of the Police to protect the infrastructure, from the people. Not the duty to protect the people from the infrastructure. Folks Please READ this part again, and again until you understand exactly how this game is rigged.

LaVoy Finicum had become the de facto leader of a FREEDOM movement. A natural born leader, no bravado, no threats of violence, however he was a threat to the INFRASTRUCTURE, for that, he was murdered by the Oregon State Police.


Dirk Williams
Retired Police Officer Oregon
Retired Deputy Sheriff California

17 thoughts on “Retired Oregon Police Officer Comments on LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

  1. They’re not “trapped”. They willingly accept their pieces of silver and that is their price for their crimes.

    No apologies will be accepted for enjoying the fruits of their labors enacted against US.

    There is no pity from me as many of us here have given up friends, family and monetary gain to pursue the truth and not compromise our morals.

    He is right for speaking out but it’s a day late and a shekel short as he still cashes his retirement check for his crimes.

    Probably just trying to save his skin from any future retaliation. He’s already shown he’s a backstabbing c**t for decades of enforcing unjust laws that violate our Bill of Rights. Grab the fella his coat, #1.

  2. They have told you what you should believe, doesn’t matter if it’s full of lies and BS. They don’t care weather you believe it or not. These are the days were even a monkey gets on media and smiles while he’s lying to you.

  3. Just Policing the Policy folks. I spoke out at work and was fired. No retirement for me and proud of it!!! Former Deputy Sheriff of Denton County, TX. & glad to be severed from a sicko profession.

    1. Mary, the only way I see fixing it is cutting it out like a cancer and that likely means death for the host because the corruption has spread so far and wide, from the white house to the beat cop and everyone in-between.

      It is 100% the fault of cops because they accept a paycheck to crack your skull and/or kill you in return for “enforcing” the unconstitutional diktats from the perfumed prince’s. The perfumed prince’s wouldn’t act like king’s and queen’s if the cops would just say NO. The problem is they don’t just say YES, they are enthusiastic about it and are happy to shoot you dead.

  4. YES!!! FINALLY, A COP WITH INTEGRITY, SPEAKS OUT AGAINST THE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY THAT IS LAW ENFORCEMENT!!! This is why I will NEVER work in an LE capacity EVER AGAIN! Not until the good, honourable cops stand up, and eradicate this cancer from within!

  5. If a police officers feels that his job is unethical than he should leave. Saying that they are “trapped” is a cop out. A 50 or 55 year old has many productive years left to make a new career and it would seem the experience gained over 20+ years as a LEO would translate to other careers.

    1. I don’t know that it is a cop out. A lot of guys who take these jobs are full of ideals. Later they may find out differently. They may have a wife, kids, and a mortgage by that time. They may be in an area where they can’t come near replicating their job. Eventually, if they cannot take any moe of the corruption and they quit or are fired, They are labeled as “malcontents” even though nothing could be further from the truth.

      1. I almost “earned” a degree in criminal law and psychology but realized what horse s**t both truly are and how they are used for control and nothing but tools for the state. I’ve been self-employed for almost 25yrs now and could make 50k more a year if I did what I thought was unethical or amoral. My ideals about le didn’t make it past text books because they violated the B of R before even leaving the gate. Ignorance is no excuse as THEY say and turn about is fair play. The stupid card carries no weight and selling out our rights to feed their bastard children definitely qualifies as treason for money. The price on our heads to these scumbags is their own survival. Hardly commendable and definitely not pity worthy.

    2. Depends on the 50 or 55 year old’s luck value. Since being severed from Denton County 6.5 years ago, I have not found a full time job. Have been a dependent on my children for much of that time. To lose retirement is a big game changer. But no, I would NEVER go into LE again. Those people are intellectual zombies. Being authentic to one belief system actually brought me back to health. And that is worth everything!!!

  6. Good government employees stand up and against government stupidity in their respective circle of associates and supervisors.
    THE PROBLEM IS, THOSE WHO STAND UP AGAINST STUPIDITY ARE SOON TO BE FIRED OR RUN OUT OF THEIR JOB. Many ways to do this by their “superiors.” Mostly, using reprimands to the personnel file.
    In government employment, you must lick the boots of your incompetent supervisor… Whistle blowers beware! The incompetent circle the wagons around the incompetent.

  7. Much respect to the retired officer that wrote this and I agree 100% it was MURDER. It’s sad what this country is turning into and it’s about time we start doin something about it just like Lavoy was trying to do. I have lots of respect for him and his cause and I pray every day that thousands more like him start standing and fighting for “WE THE PEOPLE” I know I’m more then ready for this fight.
    God bless you and Levoy and all the believers.

    1. You are right. We do need to do something. The least we can do is write letters to our Congressmen and Senators. We can go to rallies in our state. Go to National Stand By Me for Liberty on Facebook. Also, if you really want to get into it, start saving your money to go to the rally in Washington DC on July 26. Just posting on FB won’t cut it. Things are too bad at this point.

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