12 thoughts on “RIP to a IIIper

  1. Bullsh!t …RIP my azz….that’s a cop out. How’s about some righteous justice? Got animals running the streets, Spokane PD won’t touch black criminals because it ain’t P/C, but have no problem doing beat downs or shooting white folks. Spokane is nothing but a p^ssyfied P/C sh!thole.

    1. Hey Bent, how about a little respect for a fallen patriot?
      I damn sure didn’t mean for this to be a pity party, just wishing a brother farewell. Those animals that did it should be hunted down and shot like the rabid beasts they are.

      1. Has nothing to do with respect, rhums, for Brother Illper. I’ll be paying my respects when I attend his funeral. He was senselessly murdered like a lot of others & all anyone can say is RIP & go on to page 2. I pray his soul finds the vengence & justice he rightfully deserves. We, as Americans, owe this man a lot more than a RIP.

        1. If I had the luxury of unlimited cash I would attend Delberts funeral. I don’t, I can’t.

          Also, most of your criticism is aimed at me, why? Any omission is my fault.
          However, You yourself are also pissing in your own boot. You only looked at the picture and got bent out of shape for no reason. You should have taken a minute more before jumping the gun.

      2. Black folks get treated the same way here as white ones. But I sure hope someone gets to these punks before the police do.

  2. You know, I live in Spokane, and this is the first I’ve heard about it!! It makes me sick! Good pix of the perps. They will be found!!

  3. This man put it all on the line back in WW2, took a round for US fighting the Japs. This country belonged more to him than us… Now look how far down the crapper we have gone…. Elderly and the young are in harms way now in many locations… Because of what?

  4. In harms way, most recently, because of GWB, his father before him, OBAMA, even Clinton……….and all those money folk behind them……..thats why….and
    only by passing the word………….over and over, can this be stopped……….
    finally, heartland citizens will get a clue………..turn off the lamestream news, get on the net, look around, give comments, become awake and involved…………then one begins to read again………and no longer follow what the public is told, by the media, to do, and think……..
    The Time Is Now…………..to do that

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