7 thoughts on “Rittenhouse Takes the Stand: Homicide Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse

    1. Agreed

      there’s enough evidence to call this anyways

      Kyle should be suing for aggravated prosecution , or something like that as its very clear to some he isnt guilty of anything other than self-defense

      they dont want people to know that there are legal ways to kill people, when they are coming to kill you , especially with a gun,, and really especially with the dreaded “AR-15-4972 anti personnel and tank, fully automatic autonomous war machine ” ( i mean according to the anti -gunners this dam thing could jump off the table and kill your whole family and dog without the pigs even being around )

  1. I’ll be God Dammed before I waist an opportunity. This is what happens… Media clown for the anti gun communist motherf*ckers… Dont give! Wait! Be sure you can give your most!!! IF WE A 100,000,000 American Nationals do the same FCK SH*T to these POS C*ksckers They don;t stand a chance!!!!!! THAT IS THE SINGLE LARGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD!!! WE DONT FCK BACK DOWN >> ITS AGAINST OUR VERY NATURE!!!!

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