Rockefeller and Rothschild Unite

Tex Marrs

“Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished.”  – Proverbs 11:21

  • What is the #1 product in the world that every industrial nation must have just to survive?Answer: oil and gas.
  • Which nation is the world’s top oil and gas producer? Answer: United States.

“It’s all about oil.” We’ve heard it said a thousand times. But, in fact, it really is about oil—America’s oil; it’s about who owns the oil and about who gets it, and who doesn’t.  

American oil and gas has purposely been locked away for over 70 years. The public was lied to and told we are “running out of oil and gas.” You’ve heard the old wives tale, haven’t you, about “peak oil?”We were told that America was forced to buy oil from the Arab sheiks, who held us economic hostage.

Then, the banker Jews—politically called “neo-cons”—who control the American oil spigot decided to make America the world’s top oil and gas nation. This would catapult the world into a New World Order. They formed an organization called the Project for a New American Century, and enlisted the help of con-men like politicians George Bush (Sr. and Jr.) and Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney (later to become Vice President of the United States).

From this auspicious start came 9/11, which enabled the U.S. to invade and seize Iraq’s enormous oil fields. Saudi Arabia assisted these evil conspirators. Seventeen of the nineteen supposed 9/11 hijackers were Moslems from Saudi Arabia.

Rothschild and Rockefeller Unite

Overseeing this, from behind the scenes, were Lord Rothschild and David Rockefeller. In 2012, they united their massive holdings and set up a new managerial team to exploit energy supplies. Suddenly, America was oil rich!


RothschildRothschild, Rockefeller, and the Jewish oil boys are excited over future prospects. The American economy is booming. Unbridled immigration allows Mexicans and other foreigners to be employed for cheap wages in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, and Texas, so the borders were made wide open.

There’s now only one obstacle to complete Rothschild-Rockefeller global control of oil and gas… Russia. Yes, Russia and Putin are gigantic competitors to America and its Jewish Masters. How to control—or destroy—Vladimir Putin, that is the question.

Putin and Russia booted out most of their Jewish oligarchs. Now it’s the Russian people who mostly are advantaged. The Russian economy, too, is booming, as oil and gas is sold by Russia both to Europe and to China. The Jews want this oil business for themselves.

America Targets Russia

This is why America and Israel overthrew the government of Ukraine, Russia’s long-time neighbor. It’s why Petro Poroshenko, whom we placed on the throne in Ukraine, and the neo-Nazi Right Sector Jews have pulled Ukraine away from Russian influence and made Ukraine dependent on America for its gas and oil.

This was the headline on May 30, 2012 in Business Insider news. Even this mainstream publication was forced to mention the conspiracies angle. The uniting of the firms of Rockefeller and Rothschild means the world is set for a reordering of oil and gas priorities. The elite intend for the US—and its ally, Israel—to install its New World Order, based on its vast oil wealth.

This is a terrible blow economically for Russia. Moreover, by falsely claiming that the Russian military is interfering in Ukrainian sovereignty—note the propaganda concerning the alleged Russian shoot down of the Malaysian Airliner—Obama and the U.S. are able to apply sanctions on Russia.

And what are those sanctions? Well, for one thing, Obama has ordered that Russia not be sold any American oil and gas technology and parts.

Israel and America are a bicephalous, two-headed monster, and their goal is to crush the Russian oil economy while promoting America’s.

Global Domination Exercised

Already, Israel and America have risen to global hegemony and oil superiority by murdering Arab leaders like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Gaddafi. But Russia’s Vladimir Putin is another thing entirely. He has proven crafty, and he thinks strategically. He has started a BRIC block of nations to thwart the U.S. and the Jews. He has outed the U.S. as a decidedly anti-Christian, whore-mongering, homosexual-embracing wicked empire.

Putin even had the courage, at a 2013 celebration for Jewish holocaust victims, to reveal that it was Jews—Communist Jews—who seized power of Russia in 1917 and brought the world such terror and bloodshed.

Russia and Putin are the only remaining obstacle to the New World Order planned by America’s notorious elite and their Jewish masters.

We Stand at the Precipice

Dear Friends, listen closely: If Putin and Russia fall to the Jews, it’s all over in America for you and for me. Everything is in place for the final end of our once great nation. Our Constitution, as has been said, is today treated like a piece of toilet paper. The ethnic cleansing and genocide of patriotic Americans may soon begin in earnest.

If Putin falls, the whole world will stumble progressively toward captivity. That is why the Jews despise Putin; he alone is holding them back. It is why we must pray that Russia succeeds and that Putin overcomes this horrendous spirit of Satan that threatens us all.



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  1. “Rothschild and Rockefeller Unite”

    May these two Satanic bastards both burn for all of eternity and then some in HELL!!! 😡

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