4 thoughts on “Rocket Mass Wood Heater. Functional, yet still under construction.

  1. Awesome…
    I have one in my greenhouse that was blown away last winter…
    Just the plastic on the outside.
    I’m going to pull it out.
    It was just a test.
    But if you really put some welding and effort into it.
    These things are awesome.
    Good ole low tech….
    Now what would happen if you doubled the size of that….?
    With a little craftsmanship.
    Or duplicate this model out of brick….etc….
    I found that the intake seems to be the biggest hassle.

    1. flee, the burn chamber is made of firebrick and hawthorn fire clay. The burn chamber is 5″ x 5.5″ x 27″, (or 27.5″ I forgot) to accommodate 6″ pipe. No welding at all.
      A large % built from scavenged parts and pieces.

      I am thankful for rocks.

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