4 thoughts on “Ron Paul called a paranoid liar and conspiracy theorist by the Mainstream Media Lies and slander

  1. If I run into someone and the discussion turns to politics, I ahve a tendency to bring up Ron Paul…Here is what I find. If they say they dont like Ron Paul, I change the subject and ask “what do you do for a living”? The answer is “I am on disability, I am on welfare, or I work for the government, or a private firm hired from the government”. They have this falacy that Ron Paul will take all their benefits away… little do they know…well, trenches has a pretty smart audience, I dont need to explain.

  2. Ron Paul is getting there by degrees:

    First they ignore you.
    Next they laugh at you.
    Then they ridicule you.
    Finally they accept your truth.

  3. They call everyone a paranoid liar and conspiracy theorist, and the people who choose to believe it are afraid of reality.
    One good question to ask is “when have the ‘conspiracy theorists’ been wrong?”

  4. Who is this Zionist Shill Moderator, Psychopathic Communist? When the revolution begins I hope this guy is one of the first, along with 90% of all politicians, brutally dragged up to and against the wall, to face the firing squads. He, and what he represents, needs to be harshly removed from his human form.

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