5 thoughts on “Ron Paul Money VS Sound Money

  1. Idiot. The great depression was nothing more than a gigantic land grab by jews such as this guy…I trust Ron’s years of sound financial advice over this kook any day. A wolf in sheeps clothing this guy…

    1. No. Brother Nathaniel, crazy as he is (and Ben Franklin), were absolutely right. Ron Paul is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. and pushing the gold standard on a clueless and impoverished population is that deep-cover mole’s real job.

      Who owns all the gold? The same Jews that own the Federal Reserve bank, that’s who. Reverting to a gold standard only puts control of our money back into the hands of the people we’re trying to wrestle it from right now.

      They’re intentionally crashing the economy, and they’ll inevitably offer up “the gold standard” as a cure (the problem-reaction-solution formula, or Hagelian dialectic). Don’t fall for it.
      Kick the bankers and their gold right the F%#k out of here, and issue pure fiat currency whose supply is tightly controlled.

      You’re always hearing propagandists repeat the mantra of “paper currencies have always failed”, but they never mention WHY they’ve always failed, and that reason has always been over-issuance by politicians who want to spend more than they have. Everyone prospered using colonial scrip until it was over-printed to fund the revolutionary war.

      Having a currency backed by ANY commodity puts control of the money supply into the hands of whomever owns the bulk of that commodity. (look what happened to the price of silver when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market back in the 80’s)

      It was the contraction of the money supply in the thirties that caused the pain of the Great Depression. The stock market crash only wiped out a few investors.

      Money backed by gold limits it’s supply, thereby limiting the growth of the economy, and an impoverished nation would have to somehow secure a mountain of the stuff in order to recover. Do you really think we can acquire a mountain of gold to back our currency with? Of course not. We’d have to run to the Jews for their “help”.

  2. Where is this “gold” you speak of Jolly? Fort Knox? Ron is clearly two steps ahead of us all if you pay attention….and is calling THEIR bluff.
    “The stock market crash only wiped out a few investors. ” Really? I think you ought to rethink what you said… Think again my friend about what is Fractional Reserve Banking…who was the only politician worth two cents calling for the END OF THE FED? And how was he going about it? To audit the fed, something every jew in the world choked on. If you back money with gold or silver, their little FRB banking system would be forced to play by the rules. As I recall, JFK was about to institute a silver backed currency about a week before these jews dashed his brains out in front of us all…

    1. Pat,

      Please review your position. Here’s a different way to see it.



      Gold isn’t the answer. Who has most of the gold anyway? And who owns the mines? Consider mali’s gold production and that recent conflict there.

      The biggest problem is usury. Haven’t heard ole ron talk about ending usury…even at the fatima convention. Have you? Ususry was once punishable by death, do you understand why?


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