2 thoughts on “The Game Is Rigged & Here Is The Proof!

  1. The proof has been before our eyes for decades, we were to lazy to reach out & take control back……Now the stranglehold is so tight time may have passed to the dark side completely……Our Govt has been completely controlled since the Federal Reserve Act was signed on Dec. 23, 1913. The charter renewal anniversary date is Dec. 23, 2013, the promised date of the Evilists to have complete control of the USA & World finances………Both sides of the isle have no compassion for anything but the promise of the Evilists to be protected when the calamity strikes! Why do you think most of our elected non-performers go to office with few assets & leave office millionaires, they’re paid off by the Evilist Hoard…..Continue the Fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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