0 thoughts on “Ron Paul's Full Speech in Ames, Iowa (8/13/2011) – Crowd Reacts

        1. You got it, Mark! Sure hope Henry reads the article that I tried to send him and told you about earlier today. Can’t wait to see his response. Sic’em, Guys!

          1. Thanks, Mark
            I did miss that one. It must have been during the period that I was away due to personal, then technical difficulties. Good job at helping to expose the turn-coat, Traitor, hypocrite for what he is. (Gee, anybody get the impression that I detest Rick Perry? LOL)

  1. I loved his comment on bring the troops home to protect our borders. Can anyone imagine people trying to sneak in if the 102 Airborn or a General Patton was on our border with orders to shoot on sight!

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