Globalists' Extermination List Exposed with Aaron Dykes

In a Special Infowars Report, researcher Aaron Dykes exposes the global population database apparatus used by eugenicists to target populations for reduced births, soft kill and extermination. From the IBM-developed Hollerith punchcards used in the 1890 U.S. census, to race-mixing studies for Cold Springs Harbor and concentration camps in Rockefeller-funded Nazi Germany, eugenicists have long tabulated vital statistics in order to attack subtly and with precision.

Now they are targeting our food supplies, water, air and environment in attempt to shut off our future. How will elites utilize the human genome code, blood samples and DNA they’ve spent decades compiling? Why do foundations of the rich spend so much on the 3rd World population reduction? Aaron Dykes reports on the New World Order’s obsession with eugenics and population control.

0 thoughts on “Globalists' Extermination List Exposed with Aaron Dykes

  1. Well now that we’re onto ’em it should be really easy to stop….right? I mean SOMEbody’s got a plan…right? C’mon…how hard can it be to overcome 100% of the planet’s wealth and resources? And to think…I was actually getting depressed about the future! I feel so much better now.

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