Russian-born ‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin killed in freak driveway accident


The death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin in a freak car accident has provoked an outpouring of grief from his friends, fans, and colleagues across the movie industry.

The 27-year-old, who played Chekov in the recent Star Trek reboots, died on Sunday morning when he was crushed by his own car in Los Angeles.

Yelchin was pinned between his driveway wall and car in a single vehicle accident, report TMZ.   

He was found by friends who had become concerned when he did not show up for a planned appointment. His death is being treated as a tragic accident.

Yelchin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, but moved to the US with his parents when he was 6 months old, according to his IMDb page.

Thought of as a rising Hollywood star, Yelchin already had a clutch of big movie roles under his belt, including performances in Terminator Salvation, Fright Night, and the multimillion dollar Star Trek series.

Tributes have been pouring in on social media from fellow Hollywood stars, including Yelchin’s Star Trek colleagues, who expressed their condolences.

Actor Zachary Quinto posted an image of the 27-year-old on Instagram along with a heartfelt tribute describing Yelchin as a “dear friend” and “comrade.”

“One of the most open an intellectually curious people I have ever had the pleasure to know,” Quinto wrote.

“So enormously talented and generous of heart. Wise beyond his years and gone before his time. All love and strength to his family at this impossible time of grief.”

One of Yelchin’s last on screen performances will be seen by audiences this July, when Star Trek Beyond is released. The young actor had also just finished filming an indie movie set in the Portuguese city of Porto.

4 thoughts on “Russian-born ‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin killed in freak driveway accident

  1. Crushed by his own car. “Time’s up!” You signed the contract. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! I will shed no tears. “Beam me up, Scotty!” Just think if he only would have had his communicator with him! One less piece of trash we won’t have to deal with later. Born in Russia, moved to the U.S. at 6 months old, so he had to learn his fake Russian accent! And, by the way, do you think they’ll be speaking with a Russian accent in the 25 century?

    Dammit, I feel like the guy with the hood over his head in charge of the gallows. No apologies, however. “Anyone got any spare baskets?”

  2. RT fails to mention that this death was likely caused by a Jeep design flaw that allows it to slip from “Park” to “Neutral”

    There were a few hundred accidents resulting from this already, and this is possibly another one.

    It’s not a “freak accident”. It’s a result of car manufacturers peddling dangerous products so they can stuff another nickel in their pocket.

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