Saginaw requires businesses to install security cameras within a year


SAGINAW, MI — Businesses in the city of Saginaw have until March 1, 2019, to install three security cameras at each building and put up parking lot lights.

Saginaw City Council members unanimously passed an ordinance on Monday, Feb. 19, for most Saginaw businesses to install cameras and parking lot lights.  

The ordinance is intended to reduce the likelihood of death and injury to patrons and employees of businesses that “have characteristics which may tend to increase the potential risk of criminal activity on their premises,” according to the proposal.

If crime should occur, the cameras would aid law enforcement agencies in investigations, the proposal states.

Saginaw City Councilman Demond Tibbs and Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth said the move is cost-effective and in the long run will make the city safer.

“We need businesses to thrive in the city,” Tibbs said.

The councilman brought up a recent incident where a 65-year-old woman was assaulted in downtown Saginaw in the Jefferson One Building on Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Tibbs said security cameras helped lead to the arrest of the suspect.

“This will be a joint effort between the clerk’s office, who handles the licensing, and the police department,” Ruth said. ” The individuals who have the businesses will receive a certificate from the police department when they have been approved for their lighting and for their camera system.”

Ruth said after business owners get a certificate, a business license will be issued to the business.

Business owners can purchase a camera system for as little as $300-$350, Ruth said.

Each of the three cameras would face a specific position: one covering the counter and register area, one capturing the face of each person entering and leaving and one providing a view of the parking lot, according to the proposal.

“I think the extra work that we’re doing is far outweighed by the quality of work we’re going to get in the end, on the way we’ll be able to solve cases. It’s really going to help us,” Ruth said.

If a business chooses not to install cameras, or if a worker interferes with the cameras, a civil infraction and fine would be issued, according to the proposal. Ruth said business owners have one year for compliance.

The proposal also mandates any business open after dark or before dawn to have parking lot lights that stay on throughout all hours of darkness.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the parking at these places are for drug trafficking, which we know definitely impacts the quality of life in our city – that should definitely assist in that problem,” Tibbs said.

The businesses requiring security cameras under the ordinance include banks, bars, coin dealers, gun dealers, scrap dealers, hotels, motels, gas stations, party stores, phone sellers, pharmacies, pawnbrokers, pool halls, dance halls and second-hand merchants.

The chief said so far the feedback from business owners regarding the ordinance has been positive.

“It’s going to make Saginaw a safer place. That’s all it is,” Ruth said.

3 thoughts on “Saginaw requires businesses to install security cameras within a year

  1. “We need businesses to thrive in the city,” Tibbs said.

    So I am going to force businesses to spend money they might not have and force them out of business. This brain scientist is a true genius!

  2. I dont agree with being told I have to ..thats friggen tyranny ,,and im sure theres a fine if you dont , and that furthers the tyranny

    but now that ive said this’s something for you all to think about , ponder on..

    Pigs Hate Cameras ..and thats why I have them on my home
    and a dash cam in my truck
    I know they hate um , because their actions around them is very fidgety
    and I’ve been asked if they are on and work, to which i reply , they work great !

    also they always turn their body cams off when they are going to commit a crime(see they hate irrefutable evidence of their crimes) ,, they dont have access to the off switch on my cameras

    I dont live in a bad area, but bad people have feet and cars , and some of them dress in clown suits and drive our property to commit crimes

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