Salem Man Killed Himself After Setting off Explosives

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A Salem man, who had barricaded himself in his Meadow Street apartment, killed himself after multiple devices exploded in the residence. Authorities said that the explosions prompted police to evacuate people from its neighborhood.

According to a statement issued by the Essex District Attorney’s office the 49 years old George Sprague was found dead in his home. Spokeswoman for the district attorney Carrie Kimball Monahan said in an email that no shots were fired by the police. 

Office of the district attorney told that the body of Sprague was found on the 1st floor apartment in the house situated at 13 Meadow St. when law enforcement officials entered it at 12:56 p.m.

Kimball Monahan didn’t comment on the motive of his death or how he died. Residents in the 2nd-floor apartment fled the scene after explosions. David Procopio, spokesman for the State Police, said that the State Police bomb squad and SWAT team were present at the scene along with Salem police officers.

Chief Paul Tucker said that a call reporting the explosions was received by Salem police around 7:38 am. When police reached the scene they saw that windows were blown out of the building. Authorities said that attempts to communicate with Sprague were unsuccessful. Tucker said that they tried to contact the person inside but failed to do so.

Al Simonson was identified as the landlord of the property. He said that Sprague lived in the apartment quietly for about eight years and that he never observed any problem.

He further wrote in an email on Saturday night that Sprague’s mother lived in the apartment for years and after her death he moved in. He paid his rent in advance for three to four months at a time. Simonson added that Sprague seemed to become depressed a few months ago after losing his job.

2 thoughts on “Salem Man Killed Himself After Setting off Explosives

  1. “Simonson added that Sprague seemed to become depressed a few months ago after losing his job.”

    It’s sounds “cliche”, but the reality is that when a person has nothing left to lose, they sometimes resort to desperate acts.

  2. What a waste of good ordnance.

    If he was going to blow himself up anyway, the least he could have done was to invite the cops in first.

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