Same Sex What?

homomarriageThe Conservative Citizen – by A West Texas View

A few cities in Texas have passed laws requiring the acceptance of same sex marriage. San Antonio, passed a regulation requiring those who wish to obtain a city contract or do business with the city must accept the same sex marriage concept. San Antonio along with Austin, Houston is a hot bed of liberalism. Primarily because folks from the northeast and California keep moving here where they can find a job and enjoy the good life we Texans have. So far this year, 400 out of state people have moved to the DFW area per day. Coming from liberal states these folks rarely take time to figure out that the reasons Texas is a good place for business is less government interference, lower taxes, a conservative attitude with emphasis on capitalism with a strong religious base. It is also a place were folks do not like being told what to do by the government. Our present governor has discovered over the years that his popularity was not enough to push things down the throats of Texans.  

These regulations taken by these cities are in conflict with the Texas constitution. In Texas, marriage is between a male and a female. These cities having a problem understanding how government works. The people pushing this movement are like bullies wanting to have their own way. They are also attempting to take the Supreme Court ridiculous majority ruling of the Defense of Marriage Act beyond the scope of the ruling. Only the federal government has to recognize same sex marriage for its employees. The states that define marriage as heterosexual are not required to change any thing. The reactionary individuals pushing for same sex marriage in Texas are not honest and play on the ignorance of the people concerning the ruling. As the old saying goes, tell a lie enough times and people will believe it is true.

Here is the problem. A majority of the citizenry is not the less bit interested in there being homosexual marriage. Only a small active group of elitist is pushing it and sadly they are the ones leading the government. Never in American history as an Administration blackmailed smaller and weaker countries to accept a policy that is a cultural concept contrary to the countries laws; this administration forces these smaller countries to change their laws or have future problems dealing the US. But the Secretaries of State under the policies of this President have used the same technique to achieve their evil purpose as mob gang lords.

These twisted thinking individuals have infested the justice system like fleas on a dog; as judges they have chosen to ignore the law and foisted their absolutely wrong concept denying the citizens of the individual states the right to the democratic process. When the people of a state chose and reaffirm the definition of marriage as one woman and one man through the democracy process of voting only to have a federal judge rule the law unconstitutional, it is no longer government by the people. The government then becomes totalitarian with one party forcing their wrong belief on the citizenry and denying the citizenry the right to government themselves. The justice system cannot make law.

Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming, Idaho, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Illinois, Oregon have all had a lawsuit filed and the judge ruled in favor of a small, vocal, dedicated group working to destroy centuries of civilized society. This is rule by thejustice system totally ignoring the democratic process and denying it to the American citizenry.

Once we could truly and honestly say we have a government by the people, for the people and of the people. Now we can only say government for the people because that is what the President has told us it is. We can no longer make our laws by the democratic process but we have to accept the laws made by the justice system. Their rulings are not based on law but they base their rulings on their individual philosophy of politics. Now we know that in the future if the citizenry makes a law the ruling elitist do not approve of, the justice system will remake the law to their concepts.

Personally I call it un-American. This all began in the 1970’s and it has almost completely been done through the courts in the last ten years not by the democratic process



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