San Jose mayor asks firearm owners to insure their guns

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Do tell, good mayor, how will you guarantee that criminals will insure THEIR guns?

I thought California passed more than a dozen stricter gun control laws this year to “raise the bar” on their gun control laws? Apparently that wasn’t enough. It’s never enough. 

This past Monday, San Jose Demorat Mayor Sam Liccardo wrote a piece for the Washington Post entitled, “I’m asking San Jose residents to insure their guns.”

Excerpts from his opinion piece:

“The July mass shooting in Gilroy, California, left two San Jose families mourning the loss of their children, 6-year-old Stephen Romero and 13-year-old Keyla Salazar. As San Jose’s mayor, I hugged grieving family members, visited injured residents in the hospital and attended vigils. My mind reeled for words that might ease their suffering and the community’s pain, but shallow platitudes couldn’t offer much solace.

Mayors who experience such suffering in their communities after senseless gun violence do not have the luxury of waiting for Congress to act, as lawmakers offer their “thoughts and prayers.” Cities demand problem-solving over posturing. So this month, I proposed an oft-considered but as-yet-never-implemented idea: require every gun owner in the 10th-largest city in the United States to buy liability insurance.

Every U.S. state mandates that automobile drivers buy liability insurance; we should require no less of gun owners. Cars and guns have exacted a similarly grim human toll, each causing about 40,000 deaths in 2017. If San Jose’s gun owners can’t get liability insurance, they can comply with the mandate by paying a fee to compensate taxpayers for the “gun violence subsidy” borne by the public.

Insurance can provide a useful mechanism for harm reduction. Risk-adjusted premiums provide financial incentives that reward good driving and installing air bags, and discourage parents from handing the keys to their risk-taking teenagers. Similarly, insurers could use premium discounts to prod law-abiding gun owners to take gun-safety courses, purchase gun safes and install child-safety locks – a welcome improvement for a nation where more than 4.6 million children live in a household where a gun is kept loaded and unlocked. Insurers would also hike the premium on a 19-year-old looking to buy his first semiautomatic weapon, someone such as the Gilroy shooter.

Of course, “the crooks” won’t pay a fee or buy insurance; only law-abiding gun owners would. An insurance requirement at the point of sale, if purchased locally, would make it harder for some guns to get into the wrong hands. Regardless of where the gun is purchased, all San Jose residents would face an insurance requirement for merely possessing a gun – just as they would a car. The insurance thereby provides an additional tool for law enforcement against crooks. A prospective burglar casing a home or a criminal standing watch on a street corner may avoid arrest due to lack of demonstrable criminality. Yet if a constitutionally compliant pat-down search revealed possession of an uninsured gun, the suspect would face the consequences of an uninsured motorist, including a fine, misdemeanor conviction and seizure of the gun.

Read the whole story opinion piece here.

First of all, Mayor Liccardo:

Second: The Gilroy shooter legally bought his gun in Nevada yet broke the law by bringing the gun into California, where it would fall under the state’s assault weapons ban.

Third: Owning firearms is a right, not a privilege.

Fourth: Don’t try and hide behind the “harm reduction” narrative. Just admit it: You demorats actually do want to take our guns.


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4 thoughts on “San Jose mayor asks firearm owners to insure their guns

  1. Who cares about the Gilroy shooter. You’re playing right into their hands with that kind of argument. Shall not be infringed. The whole thing reeked of being a psy op anyways. Seen any proof that the shooting actually happened? neither have I. California loves their staged shootings so they can further implement their communist takeover.

  2. another money scam by da mafia……………….they know damn good and well the (REAL) incidence of gun victims (pigs excluded of course) is way way low so this would be a huge money maker for them

    but when the American Nationals take this country back those insurance companies won’t be able to payout 🙂

  3. “An insurance requirement at the point of sale, if purchased locally, would make it harder for some guns to get into the wrong hands.”

    Too late.

    They’re ALREADY in the wrong hands.

    Pigs across the country all have them… MAKE THEM CARRY PERSONAL INSURANCE FIRST, @SSHOLE!!!

  4. By definition

    My 44 mag IS insurance

    Now take your insurance pamphlet and shove it up yer ass and get off my lawn !

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