Santa Monica False Flag Pushing the Envelope

santa monica takeI had been wondering what exactly all the stimulus money being sent to Hollywood was for and now it is all becoming clear, a mobile acting troop, ready to perpetrate a false flag within 72 hours of receiving request from their soviet socialist financiers.  This latest false flag in Santa Monica is as plain on its face as all of its predecessors, beginning with the assertion that the shooter was carrying 1,300 rounds of .223 ammunition with him as he went on his rampage.

I have to believe that most of you out there know how much this quantity of ammunition would weigh and that if it was being carried with him, he would not have a free hand with which to shoot.  

Now look at this Fox interview with one Debra Fine who was allegedly shot four times by an AR-15 rifle, and one day later look at her complexion, the makeup, the hair.  This is not how someone who has been badly injured looks, speaks, or acts.

Bullet wounds are painful, believe it or not, so either you are grimacing against the pain or you are on the edge of being incoherent from the pain medication.  Think about the last time you saw someone who was badly injured in the hospital and then think about a Hollywood actress who has been shot on the big screen, then in the next scene is in the hospital room.

The powers that be believe they have us so far into the matrix that we cannot tell the difference between Hollywood and real life.  Well here is just one little tell tale.  Those in Hollywood always look exceptional, even to the point of downright good after suffering the most egregious of traumas.

It was interesting in watching the “End the 2nd Amendment” channel, MSNBC, post false flag shooting.  The discussion actually was in reference to what degree and at what speed the production should be put in play to advance the treasonous agenda.  “Should universal background checks be the only thing put forward as anything more might seem over aggressive?”  Well they did put forth the assertion that it was an AR-15 semi-automatic assault weapon used in the rampage, I guess to leave their options open.

This whole communist agenda is really getting pathetic.  The fact is we the people are growing weary of these Hollywood productions, designed to push the Bolshevik agenda.  You are not getting our guns, communist scum, but you are going to be tried, convicted, and punished for your effort.

I will close the article in asking that the reader take a good long look at the Fox interview with Debra Fine and remember our enemies are trying to convince you that she was shot the day before, four times with a high powered AR-15 war rifle, designed to cause maximum damage.  I guess they want their cake and eat it too.

No sale.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

25 thoughts on “Santa Monica False Flag Pushing the Envelope

  1. lol…. kind of like James Bond emerging from a knock-down, drag-out brawl with his hair still combed.

    Think of all the aspiring actors who would love to have this on their resume:
    “I was killed at Sandy Hook”.
    “I was one of the Virginia Tech victims, and the public actually believed that one”.

    Obama employed a roving band of professional BS artists to help him shovel it….. the only thing more pathetic is that there are still idiots out there who believe it.

  2. Good call, Henry. What a load of shite! She was not injured at all.
    Good info on ‘’ website.

  3. Henry, I’m a bit confused. The article’s titled Santa Monica False Flag Pushes Envelope, yet in the article it says latest false flag in San Antonio. The interview of the lady is one supposedly involved in the Santa Monica situation. Please clarify. Was there something that happened in San Antonio that I didn’t hear about? Thanks.

  4. The bullet from an AR-15/M-16, the .223 caliber round, is designed to tumble once it hits and pentrates the body, so if Ms. Fine got popped four times, she should have massive trauma to her body.
    Her skin tone and its turgor tells a different story. Instead of being pale and shrunk from the blood and body fluid lost she instead looks like she spent too much time under the light in the make-up artists chair.

    1. Correct, the 5.56×45 tumbles inside the body causing massive damage. This woman did not get shot four times. Maybe to make the story more believable they could have said she was hit with four pieces of shrapnel. Here is something to ponder, AR15 rifles scare the bejesus out of the Bolshevik Jews running the USA. Every shooter must have an AR-15 rifle. Never an AK, Fal, Cetme, or any other popular battle rifle, always the AR-15. Is it because of the performance and lightweight frame and ammo? Gotta love a Colt 6920….

  5. The weight of 1300 rounds would be about 40 pounds in cartridges alone. The next question would be, what is it being carried in? A backpack in cardboard boxes? Surplus ammo cans? A five gallon bucket? In loaded magazines? This part of the story alone is enough to call it a scam.

    My wife has been working in the ER since 1993. She started as a paramedic and in 1997 completed her RN. Last year, she completed her Master in Nursing and is now an ARNP. The whole time, she has seen dozens of serious gunshot wounds. Believe it or not, most have been from .22lr and more than half resulted in fatality. One kid was driving in a car, shot in the arm, bullet bounced around, tore through his chest cavity and resulted in his death, while the visible damage was only a small entry wound on his arm. So, you could say she has seen a gunshot victim or two.

    Her opinion is that there is no way in hell this woman was hit 4 times, even if only in her extremities and is able to talk, much less give this interview. The tissue and bone damage would be enough for this woman to be out cold on medication for days. If organs were damaged, she would require surgery and be hopped up on hard narcotics for several weeks. After all of this, when she woke up, even with meds, the pain would be so excruciating she would be very uncomfortable for quite sometime and her color would be pale. There is no way this person is a legitimate gunshot victim.

  6. My own family, and many of my friends, do not believe me when I point out that our government is actually against it’s own people in this country. So what I am now doing is printing out a compilation of all these stories and putting them in a 3-ring binder. If they won’t go to the internet and read these stories, I will bring the stories to them. We need people waking up more than ever now!!

    . . .

    1. I like this idea, Cathleen. As you put it, it is a hard idea for many people to swallow, that our government is actually against its own people. Although the NSA story is shocking a few more people into awareness or at least questioning.

      When I bring stuff up to family and friends, and trust me I bring it up gently, their reaction is total, dismissive disbelief and they get that funny look on their face that tells me they think I’ve lost my marbles.

      I always say, don’t take MY word for it, research it yourself. Start with “Building 7” or somesuch, but as far as I can tell, they never bother even doing a tiny bit of research.

      Need I mention, most of these people are highly intellectual, well educated folks. Probably wouldn’t know a gunshot wound from a papercut.

      1. You can both most likely thank television for your families’ cluelessness. That’s always been my # 1 suspect for the early demise of my family’s brains.

  7. In the olden days when stories like this weren’t staged, we always learned exactly where the victim was hit / how bad the damage / would she ever walk or apply her own make-up again / were there exit wounds or are bullets still inside her. But that was back when much of the news was produced by journalists. Back then, we would have heard a comment from her doctor, and might have seen a fuzzy photo of her twins. Back then, shooting victims showed emotional trauma, but this droll woman seems downright bored.

  8. There’s an extremely powerful motive for people to disbelief crimes being committed by those sworn to protect them– it’s called fear. Fear of truth, fear of looking “crazy”, and fear of retribution if they don’t go along with the program. Lumped together, these emotions create something called ‘cognitive dissonance’; it’s what makes it nearly impossible to get through to folks still plugged into the matrix. Moral of the story: don’t try. You cannot change anyone but yourself. The more you try to “convert” others to your way of thinking, the more resistant and belligerent they will become. The trick is to start very small. For my family it was the realization that manmade global warming was bogus. Once people realize government is obviously lying about one thing, then it’s easier to employ critical thinking to assume they are lying about others, etc.

  9. Plain as the pointed nose on the end of Barry’s face. This stuff is getting Charlie Sheen does Hollywood stupid.

  10. Bring on the Showoffs say the Hollywood Freaks, we’re impressed no matter how stupid they are! So goes our Commander in Chief jetting to Hollywood in AF#1 @ $181,000.00hr. by itself…..BS WALKS & MONEY TALKS—-React with conviction folks EXPOSE THE EVIL ELITIST HOARD OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE THAT IS CAUSING THIS CHAOS!!!!!! FIGHT FOR LIBERTY & FREEDOM

  11. HA! I called false flag on this one as soon as I heard two things, California and Obama just leaving the area after a visit. That alone says it all. No need to know how many bullets he was carrying or who was shot and how they miraculously survived unscathed the next day and talking like they were bored.

    As I said before:


    California + School/College + Gun + Obama just leaving the area = False flag

    Does anyone really need any more evidence or proof?

  12. Has anyone else noticed that Bloomie and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition have been Silent on this one? They are always the first to jump on and exploit these events. Instead, Bloomie was receiving a Tony Award. I think we all know where the production money came from for this little publicity stunt.

    1. BAHAHAAHAHA!!! Yep, I agree with, ya Angel. Receiving that Tony award, he must have produced the event.

      I think we all need to develop an award ceremony for these freaks. However, that would probably be giving them too much credit and the putting them in the spotlight when the only spotlight we should be putting on them should be the one where they are tied and handcuffed to a chair in a small dark room with blood all over their face, begging for their lives.

      As a matter of fact, for any of you alternative media show business people out there reading this, maybe you should start a show based on the people getting back at the government and putting these officials in the spotlight and in the hot seat. Exploit them for what they are just like they discredit us.

      Kinda like that Bush cartoon show that ended up getting cancelled for being too political.

      Remember Bush Jr.’s line, “I’m a decider. That’s what I do.”

      Forget the name of it but it lasted 6 episodes on Comedy Central. I really enjoyed watching that show. Apparently the elite didn’t like being made fun of for their self. Awww…………

  13. This false flag event is more pathetic than the Boston incident. So every month we are going to have a false flag shooting. They can keep on playing these games all they want for as long as they want. We will just yawn at their over-paid, over-done, drawn out fake Hollywood events.

    In the meantime, we the people will be standing patiently at our door with our guns drawn, waiting for them to make the first move to take away our guns. That’s when the real shit begins.

    Kinda reminds me of those movies where the good guy is sitting on his rocking chair on the porch of his farmhouse looking out in the distance, while waiting for the corrupt Feds or mercenaries to arrive to try and take him and his gun away, as they slowly come up to his house.


  14. Stay tune for next month’s false flag entitled, “Jamboree Jihad”. Oh man, this is getting ridiculous. Whoever goes to that Jamboree event next month is surely asking for trouble. They should just cancel the event right now.

  15. Is anybody else noticing the consistency in these events of people who were most likely to support the patsy with character references, alibis, or even hard information that the patsy had been set up end up dead before or after the event?

    Adam Lanza’s mother

    Tsarnaev brothers’ friend in Florida?

    Now Zawahiri’s father and brother?

    Makes me wonder if the three “drug dealers” the Tsarnaev brothers are “suspected” of killing were really whacked by the people setting up the Boston Bombing when the Tsarnaev brothers told them a little secret they weren’t supposed to know. They couldn’t blame it on the Tsarnaev brothers before the bombing without losing their patsies, but after the bombing it cleans up loose ends nicely.

  16. One really miraculous thing about all these staged events is that seriously injured people look so great. Like the guy in Boston getting free rides in the wheelchair. No blood, no legs, smiling weakly and looking bored. Or Sandy Hook’s favorite son Robbie Parker, bitterly grieving with huge grins and big laughs just before showtime. Now this woman, shot four times and looking as if she’s posed for a commercial. C’mon, terrorists, can’t you do any better than that?

    And to echo Tom, how convenient in these macabre stage-plays that the accused always winds up dead right along with the closest members of his own family. No loose ends. See, terrorists, that’s how you’re supposed to do it.

    Wait a second. Who are the terrorists again? It gets so confusing. Oh, yeah, deeply dishonest people who kill innocent Denver kids in drone strikes overseas, and who run assault rifles to murderous Mexican cartels, right? It’s the people we call “they” and “them” whenever we get ripped off or murdered without any possibility of recourse or justice.

    Terrorists are people who deliberately inspire feelings of terror in the population in order to advance a religious or political agenda (like gun registration). It makes no difference if the inspiration for that terror is acted or real. The tactic is terrorism, and nobody does terrorism better than our own beloved Uncle S.

    The top headline on Drudge all day today has been “Another Day, Another Scandal,” and the photo shows Obama waving and smiling. That, my friends, is quintessential terrorism – – when you’re led to believe your assailant and what he represents can’t be stopped under any circumstances. And I have to admit, that possibility does frighten me.

  17. 1 box of 20 rounds of .223 ammunition (as shown in police photos) weighs 7.795 ounces.
    1,300 rounds = 65 boxes of ammunition.
    65 boxes would weigh 31.7 pounds.

    Bulk would be an even greater problem. Each box is 6″ x 2-3/4″ x 1-1/4″
    A stack of 65 boxes would be 7 feet tall.

  18. Hard forensic evidence implicating the suspect in the crime is mostly absent from media reports. Like fingerprints, gunshot residue, ballistics, autopsy, eyewitness statements, etc. We are just supposed to swallow whatever garbage they feed us.

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