0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Paul Revere Warned The British

  1. Well, it just goes to show you what you can accomplish in this country without really knowing anything at all, and get paid a $100g to speak to some activists. I think originally she thought that Paul Revere was the lead singer in a band called the Raiders until someone clued her in as they pulled into Boston. It’s certainly an insult to J. Hancock and S. Adams as well who were awaiting the infamous messengers word. But if she doesn’t know what the mission was of P. Revere, how can she be expected to know who those guys were. She probably thinks Sam Adams is just a great beer and John Hancock is the guy on her life insurance policy. All those people around and no one spoke out. Maybe they didn’t catch it, or worse yet they caught what she has. Her bodygaurd daughter at her side wouldn’t likely catch it. She’s being home schooled by her mother. Now there’s a pretty picture. Hey, we all make a blunder now and again….right? But does anyone else see a pattern here. Perhaps she got her medication mixed in with someone elses on the bus and took the wrong pills. No, I’m afraid it’s much worse than that. What we got here is a failure to communicate. And what’s the deal with these bells? The midnight rider blazing thru town sending warning shots and……..bells? Sarah, go home and feed your moose.

    1. Dave,

      Wow! Sounds like something a six year old would say. But, then, given the level to which our intellectual culture has fallen how could we be surprised to hear this mindless babbling being put forth as newsworthy content to be fed as pablum to the infantile mass? And we wonder why we are disintegrating from within?

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…but then again…what’s that about the rooster and the roost…..The water and the well? I think I’ll go with laugh…remember that Roger Miller song about roller skating in a buffalo herd?

      And the tragic, divine comedy continues!

      Carry on gentlemen…..that is all….you are dismissed.

      1. Reconsidering on the positive side…to present this…uh…comment in video actually is quite “newsworthy” isn’t it? If anyone still thought there was a focused brain in there rendering its owner worthy of further consideration as leader material this should serve quite well to dispel such notion….trouble is… it won’t.

        1. Paul Revere would have turned around and rode the other way if he knew he was going to have to confront such stupidity. That bus alone would have put the fear of God into him.

      2. Hey Brian – Yep. You got that right. Just when your thinking she’ll never top that one, she does. Must be making her mom and pop real proud of their little creation about now. Yeah, Roger Miller…the original king of the road. You can be happy if you have a mind to. Ignorance must be bliss.

        1. Yeah, Dave. Trouble is…ignorance is hard to acquire if it isn’t a God-given gift. I must admit to having been diagnosed with the malady of “self verified awareness”. I think they call it A.D.D. now instead of disgust born of boredom with mediocrity. Maybe Sarah is just having trouble staying focused with all that money rolling in. Money IS quite intoxicating….I believe we have quite a bit of evidence to support that statement.

          Ever since seeing the oncoming train silhouetted obscurely behind its headlight I’ve had trouble convincing myself that this source of light was an illuminating ray of sunshine! I’m continuing with greater fervor to attempt the overcoming of this flawed tendency to believe my own senses but I just have a hell of time with that. Just stubborn I guess.

          Is that what frontal lobotomies were invented for? Oh….wait…we do that chemically now don’t we? Better see a “Doctor”!

          What I think Roger could have been suggesting is something between total despair and ignorance induced bliss. A place of functional balance from which some sort of strategical thinking process is still feasible. Personally that is what I strive for….constantly. “Happy”? Maybe I would give him the benefit of poetic license. And, after all, it was the 60’s wasn’t it?

          Hang in there, pal, and not by the neck! It’s gonna be a long, hard road. I appreciate your comments.

  2. Good God lady are you retarded? My young nieces and nephews could do a better job at talking about Paul Revere I am sure. One of my nieces recently told me all she knew of Benjamin Franklin, quite impressive.

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