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Saudi Empire in Big Trouble – Revenues Disappearing – Clawbacks Screwing American Nationals

It’s something that Patriotic Americans had better be keeping a close eye on, for the last 80 or 90 years America has become the goto bailout center for the world, Saudi Arabia plays a huge part, we have been buying their oil at huge inflated prices, those days are disappearing and fast. It’s is no surprise that the current crown prince of Saudi Arabia is detaining royals and clawing back hundreds of billions. Any Saudi who made big money over the years is suspect, and have been questioned or detained, some say tortured.

What should be understood about all of this is this clawback of billions has much to do with money invested here in America, involving equally compliant American bankers, knowing this money was illegally obtained, just like taking money from the drug cartels, no different whatsoever. This paradigm shift in thinking by the Saudi prince to clawback money and assets is something that has become a dirty little game nobody is talking much about.  

Jamie Dimon played this dirty little game back in 2008 when he clawed back $356 billion from the Federal Reserve to bailout himself out from the derivative nightmare that his institution helped facilitate, loaning money to people that couldn’t afford it, taking huge profits that were not really there, eventually adding hundreds of billions to the national debt. Funny how this Saudi crown prince is playing the same game, only his federal reserve was the profits derived from the investments that accrued interest here inside the United States, as well as others from around the world.

In other words, the Saudi prince is effectively stealing from American nationals again, twice. First from the illegal mark up’s of oil manipulation over the years, and now from clawbacks of goods and inflated cash from American institutions. If you don’t think this clawback BS won’t hurt American Nationals in the end, you’re an idiot.

Americans are supposed to just sit back and take the clawback from a Saudi crown prince who thinks that he can just take money and goods back from American National interests just because he feels like it? No questions asked? It is said that almost 800 billion to 1.4 trillion will be clawed back from around the world, problem is America has bailed out many of these countries over the years, so who’s money is this really?

This Saudi clawback of monies is for the most part stealing money from mainly American Nationals, for nothing more than greed and power. American Nationals are screwed again, nothing ever changes.

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6 Responses to Saudi Empire in Big Trouble – Revenues Disappearing – Clawbacks Screwing American Nationals

  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Donald Trump is encouraging all of this, kissing the crown prince ass, why? I’ll tell you why, crown prince Trump, loves the money and eventually the Saudi favor.Crown prince Trump hotels inside Saudi Arabia? You betcha.

    You don’t get to where Trump is now financially without mafia corruption help and favors. Another you betcha.



  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “In other words, the Saudi prince is effectively stealing from American nationals again, twice.”

    Big surprise.

    Crypto-jews are no less greedy than regular jews.

    • DL. says:

      True…supposedly, the beginning leader of the al Saud clan were Donmee (spelling?), that is, Jews who phony converted to Islam when the Sabbatian nonsense didn’t pan out. So they really are crypto-Jews.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    Everybody’s robbing Peter to pay Paul as the dominoes of the global economy begin to topple.

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