11 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Sentries

    1. That I don’t know. All I know is they are Highlanders, and I call him Mr. Black. I’ll ask when I get the chance.
      They are not mine, I take care of them.
      Funny, I get along better with animals than people.
      Sure glad they like me. 🙂

    1. You could say that.
      They know there’s corn here, so they stop by often.
      Seemed a good idea to me. 🙂
      Hal’s tactical tip of the day.

  1. These two are best of buds, and they’re battling all the time.
    Hooligans as well.
    It’s almost always these two that I have to get out of the neighbors farm.
    Had to smoke the tan one in the head last winter.
    He had segregated a cow (in heat) in the neighbor’s field, and wasn’t very happy about being directed.
    I’ve seen his dad make a round bale airborne 4, 5 feet
    Needless to say, I was a bit concerned! (laughing)
    Nonetheless we get along.
    It’s much better they like you, than not.

    1. I see they aren’t wearing a mask, this could bring big trouble Hal, better get on it bud.!!

  2. I think I have half a highlander in my freezer, but I could be wrong. My farmer-neighbor had some of them… now .. in this highlander breed, do the cows also have horns?

    I thought I was looking down the nose of my neighbor’s bull, but he told me it was a female, and she’s now in my freezer.

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