Scariest Photo You’ll See All Day

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

While America rapidly sinks into a police state with martial law shutdowns of cities now becoming the accepted norm across the land at the slightest provocation, yesterday’s shooting in Roseville, California brought the police state directly into the faces of many Americans as this picture shows. The video below clearly shows ‘a night of terror’ in what is now becoming common ‘police state’ practice in Barack Obama’s new Amerika.

7 thoughts on “Scariest Photo You’ll See All Day

    1. Occams this is going to get very ugly before to much longer and I to believe that a lot of the LEO’s are loving it. If the Sheriffs were truly doing their jobs the traitors would be behind bars instead of in the White House,Congress,Senate,Pentagon, And squad cars protecting the vile trash from the citizens of the country they have all swore to protect. Cops are now riding around in armored vehicles armed with automatic weapons and grenades,dressed in body armor,just like the military in a war zone! The call themselves SWAT,COPS,Sheriffs,ETC when in actuality they are nothing more now than paid whore mercenaries waiting to kill you! The court system is corrupt as they come too and back up almost anything these killers are doping now.

  1. This has to be Urban Shield. On their site, they show pics of Sandy Hook and Boston because they were there. They were just meeting in the SF/Oakland area yesterday & today. Oakland is only about 1 1/2 hours from Roseville. Urban Shield, if you look on their website, seems to be centered in the SF Bay area. But there are a couple of glaring exceptions. Also included are Sacramento and the the Roseville Fire Dept.. Also, Urban Shield used to list among their supporting agencies “the Israeli National Police, the State of Israel, and the Consulate General of Israel. But these have since been scrubbed. But if you look up Israel Police on Wikipedia, you will see that in 2010 and 2011, the Israel police won Urban Shield SF Bay Area Swat competition, so they are still around. Urban Shield is owned by Cytel Group which has ties to FEMA. The photo above isn’t scary at all. It is fake. And you know how AP manages to be right there whenever there is a false flag? In this case, a photographer named Amezcua was right there. He is listed as a Sacramento Bee photographer, but he is really AP. This is just another drill. Disgusting.

  2. When me or my friends hear of the police being injured or killed, it used to cause concern for their well being… Now when they are killed or injured it feels like karma and I hope to hear more of it! The police have turned into the enemy and everyone I know in all walks of life feel the same. When I hear of a shootout etc, I question whether the guy they are after is really a criminal as the police seem to class us all as criminals and so I find myself rooting for their target! The police have caused this mindset by treating us all as being different to them and acting as if we are the enemy. They work for us! They are there to protect us! They are US!!! When did they lose sight of those facts? God bless us all!

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