Searchers Say Closing In On Pennsylvania Police Shooter Suspect

Business Insider – by Joe McDonald

BLOOMING GROVE Pa. (Reuters) – Searchers found an assault rifle and ammunition hidden in the woods on the ninth day of a massive hunt for a man suspected of attacking two Pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them, police said on Sunday.

Police said they believe they are closing in on Eric Frein, 31, who they describe as a survivalist, in a rugged area of forests, boulders and caves in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, where he could easily hide from heat-seeking sensors in helicopters.  

Frein is the main suspect in the attack on the Blooming Grove state police barracks during a shift change on Sept. 12. Corporal Bryon Dickson, 38, died in the ambush and Trooper Alex Douglass, 31, was wounded.

“Frein planned for months or maybe years; planned his attack and his retreat,” said Lieutenant Colonel Greg Bivens of the Pennsylvania state police at a news conference on Sunday.

“We are pushing him hard,” Bivens said. “He’s moving as we press him.”

Helicopters and trackers with search dogs are part of the hunt, which involves hundreds of police from three states. People living in the remote, sparsely populated area have been warned not to go outdoors, but on Saturday police lifted a “shelter in place” order for people to stay inside.

Search teams found an AK-47 assault rifle, two magazines, an ammunition pouch and a significant number of rounds that they believe were either dropped or stashed about two or three miles from the shooting scene.

The weapon was not the one used in the attack on the troopers.

Troopers from across the state along with other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have been searching more than a week for Frein, a Monroe County man who belonged to a role-playing group that dressed in Cold War military uniforms and assumed the parts of soldiers from Eastern European countries.

Frein’s planning process included surveillance at the Blooming Grove barracks, Bivens said.

Heavily armed state troopers and SWAT teams in assault vehicles have been seen entering the roads, which were closed to the public, leading to the area where Frein had lived with his parents until a few weeks ago.

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11 thoughts on “Searchers Say Closing In On Pennsylvania Police Shooter Suspect

  1. They’re “closing in”! Again, for how many days? That’s the most “closed in on” fugitive in the whole world! Bwhahahaha! ONE man!

  2. First of all, this man’s a hero because he killed one of the enemies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and I hope he evades capture forever.

    “Helicopters and trackers with search dogs are part of the hunt, which involves hundreds of police from three states.”

    How much does it cost to employ hundreds of police, helicopters. and search dogs from three states to find one pig-killer, and why do you assume tax-payers are willing to pay that price?

    This is just more proof that cops are nothing more than a gang of thugs, just like the cryps, the bloods, or MS-13. They happen to have the support of our criminal government who relies on them for protection, and Americans have been conditioned to accept their overbearing presence, but they’re only another street gang that watches out for each other, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the general public.

    If your child was murdered tomorrow, a stinking, lying pig will tell you “we don’t have any clues that might help find the killer”, but when one of their little piggy friends gets it, they’ll turn over the entire state until they find the killer.

    I say “let him escape”. You’ve already spent too much money trying to find someone you can’t catch, and all he did was reduce the salary and pension payments that are made to these costly, and useless PIG BASTARDS. The killer did us all a favor, and you stupid pigs have spent too much money trying to find this rival gang member of yours, who is obviously smarter than anyone in the police departments of three states.

  3. “If your child was murdered tomorrow, a stinking, lying pig will tell you “we don’t have any clues that might help find the killer”, but when one of their little piggy friends gets it, they’ll turn over the entire state until they find the killer.”

    All the while forcing people into their homes, and acting like they’re on your side.
    It’s this simple: ANYONE who would harm another solely on orders from “authority”, who has not harmed anyone is a brain dead, unconscious being that should never have a gun and badge.

  4. Still closing in…

    take your time.
    Im about ready to go and bring the guy a hot turkey sandwhich and some more ammo.

  5. Yawn. This made for tv drama, training exercise being sold as real is pathetic. Too bad none of it is for real but he would be quite a soldier and a master of SERE if it were. But I don’t buy a word of it and it will be used to enact unlawful legislation in PA and will make it easier to capture/kill those who attempt to resist because they will have the false idea that the state police are so ill-equipped and inept. This is a psyops to give enough rope to any patriot foolish enough to think over 1,000 cops with helicopters, FLIR, night vision, thermal imaging and bloodhounds, immediately after being spotted MULTIPLE times, was able to escape the perimeter that would have been immediately set up. BS

    1. I think your analogy is ass backwards. What this shows is one man in dense mountain terrain can escape and evade. More than likely they haven’t even so much as sighted him yet, that is if any of this is true. If true it would also show the fallacy of the assertion that “It is futile to resist the technological boogieman”.

      1. Agreed, Henry. I guess I just haven’t even factored it being real at all so I never applied any outcome of it being an actual event.

  6. Closing in my butt. These cops couldn’t find boobs in a boob bar if they fell on their faces. There is a big difference between being hunted and doing the hunting. If this whole thing is true then this guy knows how to escape and evade. The hunters on the other hand are not Navy Seal’s. They are stomping around the woods like a herd of buffalo in a bell shop, even Stevie Wonder could evade them with little effort. Don’t bet the farm on technology, in incompetent hands it’s as useless as wet matches.

  7. even these guys know they’ve stretched this story as far as one can before it loses its elasticity and snaps. I have a feelin this will be their final act of desperation. if they try and pull another stunt like this no ones gonna pay them no mind. all in all were ALL screwed!

  8. if they find one more AK variant in the woods, i’ll fly over & search the place myself!!!

    how many guns is this guy supposed to have again?
    this is getting stupid.

  9. Funny thing is.. this guy (if its for real) is of no threat to the public
    just Law infarcement
    so all this grand standing for the “public good” is a sham.. again if this guy is for real.. the only people who should be fearful of him are those in uniform

    the fact they are making people stay out of their homes , neighborhoods or certain areas is a joke and a test on our civil liberties and that is what this is all about
    just like the sh*t they pulled in Boston

    The Sheeple are falling for it, and to me that shows that their plan is working because all the dumb Flucks are falling for it and running out of their homes and public areas because of the cops fear for what he will do to them..not to the general public
    This is a ruse , when are people going to say NO were not leaving , go do your job and we will take care of buiz here if need be

    He’s not hunting Us.. he’s hunting them

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