10 thoughts on “Seattle May Day Near-Riot

  1. 1. Why the F**k are people afraid of some cop swinging a damn bicycle at them? What the hell can a bicycle do to a person? That’s about as dumb as cops being afraid of a ballpoint pen.

    2. FIGHT BACK!!! STOP TAKING THE COP’S SHIT AND FIGHT BACK!!!! My goodness, there are more of you than there are of them and you are in the right and they are in the wrong, SO WHAT’S THE DAMN PROBLEM????!!!! FIGHT BACK!!!

    1. The problem is those were a bunch of communists and foreigners demanding we turn our country over to them. The cops should have stayed home and the American nationals should have beat them out of our streets with baseball bats and golf clubs.

      1. Ahh…I thought some of the videos were of people protesting against the Communist and foreigners while others were of the Communist and foreigners.

        My bad. Either way, I’m sick of seeing these bastards getting away with this crap while We the People are just standing around watching and taking photos.

  2. People should all carry around with them atleast a can of pepper spray or something. Yea, spray them cops like they do us and then kick the crap out of them merciously with 4 or 5 of your buddies, Yea kick the living hell out of those cops.
    Yep, fight fire with fire. Cops have been asking for it for many years now.

  3. My answer to that sign being held in the second video is – If that’s the case, then why don’t you just try and take it from us, you felonious, whining POS.

    Otherwise, STFU!

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