5 thoughts on “Security Clearance

  1. When you lay with dogs …..

    How in the F can you trust ANY politician or head of state? If anyone should know better , this chump should have
    All you are to them is a useful idiot
    Sorry about your losses , it ain’t right , but of all guys, you knew who you were playing for

    1. Cant really say it any clearer, being involved with Clinton in any way, shape or form, you’re either dead or controlled.

  2. The trial wrapped up last January. After 5 years there was no media reporting because no one cared. So so very sad. The judge was William “Casey” Cooper. He was the ROOMATE of Susan Rices brother Emmet John Rice for four years at Yale back in the early 1990s. It’s sort of a conflict of interests? I hope someone looks deeper into this and leaves a reply. Emmet went on to market NBA sneakers and clothing…Susan still has her clearance for unmasking and blackmailing anyone she chooses,

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