7 thoughts on “Seed Potatoes From Walhalla, North Dakota To Washington State – 43,000lbs.

  1. Hi Mark,

    Cool pics,.. didn’t realize they just chute them right into the back of your trailer. Just thought they were put in those large reusable totes and fork lifted into the trailer.

    Anyway, keep your eyes open and let us know about anything else weird that happens (although driving 600 mi with no load to pick up a load is certainly unusual!)

    Give me a call this weekend when your remotely close to civilization so we can talk with your cell cutting in and out!

    Godspeed Bro! – JD

  2. Mark are you Not see as many trucks on the road a bud of mine said he had to make a long run empty plus not seeing the trucks like he did a week ago . With all the company’s shutting down its only going to get worst

    1. Yeah, thx HD

      Thank God I’m a company driver, my boss gets hit hard when he has to pay me for driving empty. Especially for 660 miles.

      My pay, fuel, expenses = he’s screwed, …times like this you don’t want any dead head miles.

      Companies are dropping like flies, my boss is pretty sharp, we’ll see..

      I drive my ass off for this guy, I live in the damn thing, never go home either, I’m a gold mine to this guy.

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