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Have you seen this video:


Bottom line, the guy was probably unarmed, it is after all New York. He is being attacked by multiple assailants on motorcycles, who are chasing him. He has his wife and child in the car. He probably did not know what to do. If armed, start killing them. Either way, the vehicle is the first weapon, which he uses initially to get away. Once he gets stopped in traffic, he essentially does not want to let that happen. Find a way out, keep the vehicle moving (and the doors locked!), if that means reversing over them then so be it. That is life and death right there. Start killing them, with the vehicle or a firearm if you have one (which you should) until the threat goes away. In fact, just start killing them, get your family to safety, and keep killing them until they are all dead. Maybe kneecap a few of them, just to teach them a lesson. That’s how I feel about that.

Oh yea: where are the f#@king cops?

OK, for you pacifists out there, who disagree with my response of extreme violence, take a look at this video. This is how it can go down. In this case, the first mistake was driving into the funeral procession and then not getting away. Even though they were armed with limited ammunition they probably would not have gotten out on foot. The vital thing here would have been to try and keep the car moving. Once it was surrounded, with a  magazine or two of 9mm, it would probably have not been  enough even if they had aggressively fired into the crowd. Note: these are off duty soldiers, not special ops undercover guys. They are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, carrying issued self protection sidearms.

Why was the crowd so riled up? Because this (video below) had happened a few days before. A handgun and hand grenades failed to really keep this mob at bay. Watch as they chase him , while he fires a handgun and throws grenades. They eventually catch him (Loyalist Michael Stone) and the RUC show up and take him into custody before he would have been most likely killed. How about that for your SHTF planning?!

Live Hard, Die Free.


14 thoughts on “Self Defense: Maximum Violence

  1. Max Velocity is dead on with this one. When confronted the way this man was, you shoot until the enemy is completely unable to fight anymore. Does anyone think we are not at war? When a gang of punks on motorcycles do what these punks did, we are at war. We are one step away from the second two videos. Hell, in Oakland this is probably normal already, minus the grenades.
    A few years ago you could get away with carrying a bat or keeping your pistol in the glove compartment with no round in the tube. Now it is different. If your pistol is out of reach and not locked and loaded you will not have the time to find it, load it and fire at the enemy. We now have to go to the store and be armed as if we were walking patrol in Iraq. It is not gonna get better either. At a minimum, I carry my .45 everywhere. I also have enough extra ammo to fight my way back home if needed. This is America?????

  2. As for the NJ incident; hoodrats playing Road Warrior. Guy protected his family the best he could with what he had. He needs to upgrade his little SUV with a ‘roo catcher.

    1. BTW; headline negative. It is more of a “Maxium Protective Effort”. The turds are the ones who do the crime of “violence”; victim is the one who “protects with effort”. How one protect them & theirs doesn’t matter because the is no second place winner is this battle.

  3. WTF is wrong with people ! The douchbag in the black suv ran over the bikers in the first place, their response was right-on. Of all the ‘Types’ of folks I would stand with are the bikers I know.

    1. These are not your traditional bikers. These are a bunch of f#@king punks on motorcycles. They came into the man’s lane and it was probably the guy’s mirror that hit the biker. These mother f#@kers were trying make this guy stop or wreck.
      Just another form of flash mobs being unleashed on an unarmed public. I guarantee you I would have done far worse.

      1. The helmet cam gives indication of what these ‘rats were up to plus the fact of other unrelated incidents that were reported about these turds. The bikers I know would not pull sh!t like this, but would handle the SUV as a road hazard to avoid & flip them off.

        In no way are these bikers…just a bunch of ‘rats with bikes.

      2. Now they are saying that the DA is not going to charge the bastard that smashed the window where the guys 2 year old daughter was sitting. WTF?

    2. It’s pretty clear from the video that the one biker punk break checked the SUV on purpose. There was no civility…hey let’s exchange insurance info…call a cop and file a report etc. etc. Just predetermined hostility. Notice that the biker punks helmet cam cut off when they drag the guy out of the SUV and beat him silly in front of his wife and five year old child. They wouldn’t want to incriminate themselves. I’m sure they have a full copy somewhere.
      Just biker punks out for a joyride looking to mess with somebody.

  4. Again and Again…. move out of the Iron Curtian states… leave it to the Liberal Welfare lovers…

  5. The man who led the chase after Stone was an informer for the RUC and was executed by the IRA at a later date.

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